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Voice acting and voiceover services by D.C.-based Steve Pershing. Able to handle a variety of material with ease. Narration or commercial. Documentary, children's, audiobooks, telephony. Technical subjects a breeze--hear that tough script of yours come magically to life.

Warm, friendly, refined sound in a cool professional package: lawyer, law professor, classical musician, former public broadcaster, with interests and experience from aerospace engineering to Rembrandt, Beethoven and hilarity. Law, medicine, economics, history, literature, and all the visual and performing arts.

Come to us for serious reads with a special warmth, or wacky reads with crystal clarity. Work with a smart, versatile, directable people-person who's got a twinkle in his eye and gladly puts your needs foremost.

Demo: The "podcast" link below goes right to it. Resume links to it too.

Training: Voiceover at New York's Edge Studio with Naomi Jacobson, Carol Monda and Michael Ingram. Acting at Washington's Shakespeare Theatre Company with Andrew Long, Floyd King and David Muse. Other education: A.B. Harvard, J.D. Virginia . . and a little guy named Noah, now 8, best teacher I'll ever have, thinks I might be trainable as a dad in spite of the evidence.

Scale: Non-union--get major league talent for less! Sliding scale for non-profits. Let's see what we can do together.

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