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Cast Light Productions is dedicated to producing Christian films and videos. We have been in business for five years and to date produced two short subjects and recently a feature video production.

We have been in the industry since 2010.

Sam Good
Added on 12/28/2012
Sam Good was a wealthy businessman who never learned the meaning of compassion until his life was saved by to meth addicts who taught him the true meaning of love thy neighbor. Based on Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan, the film takes the audience into the world of drug addiction as Jack and Molly Mason struggle to make sense of their lives. They are harassed by the local drug dealer who threatens to kill them for the money they owe. Sam and his wife Emily are having trouble in their marriage after their daughter was killed in an automobile accident. Sam blamed Emily because she admitted she was drinking just before she drove their daughter home from school. One night Sam is mugged after taking a wrong turn in a bad neighborhood. His car was stolen and he was stabbed and left for dead. Somehow Sam found the strength to make his way to the nearly deserted streets of Stone Creek, only to find himself passed by citizens who did not want to get involved. Sam got up again and walked into an ally where Jack and Molly were huddled in a makeshift cardboard shelter. Sam passes out and lands on top of the two. After a brief argument Molly convinces Jack to help Sam get to the local free clinic several blocks away. Sam recovers from his wounds and sets out to find Jack and Molly to repay their kindness. Sam encounters the drug dealer, (Mose) and is forced to produce a pistol in order to protect himself. This infuriates Mose who subsequently finds Jack and Molly asleep in a crack house. Mose beats up Jack and threatens to kill them if Sam shows up in his territory again. Sam finds the two shortly after and tries to give them money. Molly and Jack does not want anything to do with him and tells Sam to get away. Jack however collapses due to the beating from Mose. Sam calls an ambulance and Jack is taken to the hospital. At the hospital the doctor tells Molly that Jack has sustained injuries to his kidney that is not repairable. He must have a kidney transplant but there are no donors. The end of the film is an inspirational testimonial on how the Holy Spirit worked in the lives of Sam, Jack, Molly, Emily and even Mose. The story ends on a positive uplifting climax that gives the audience the feeling that redemption is possible. It also offers any drug user hope that their habit can be overcome with the power of prayer and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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