Kelli Kaye

Los Angeles, California


About Me

Producer / Line Producer / UPM

Independent Producer focusing on marketable film projects with strong ROI content. With background in line producing/UPM, I bring extensive knowledge as a producer. As line producer/UPM, I've been responsible for managing all costs with the intention of delivering the film or show on budget and on time at the end of principal photography.
 Leadership qualities with strong attention to detail, organization, multi tasking, and prioritizing  Problem solving  Composed under pressure  Strive for healthy working conditions with high level of sincerity
 Preparing Budgets by breaking down script and its elements  Direct but honorable negotiations  Preparing preliminary shooting schedules  Hiring the crew & manage crew contracts
 Approving all production expenditures, by submitting via purchase order, check request, or petty cash envelopes
 Negotiating the crews' salaries and approving time cards  Negotiating equipment procurement (cameras, locations, lights, etc.)  Approving each day's "Call Sheet" and "Production Report"  Mollify those members of the crew involved in personality conflicts  Experience with small and large crews, union or non-union  Solid relationships with vendors, crew  All Contracting: locations, cast, crew, vendors, payroll  Familiar with insurance procedures

I have been in the industry since 2006.

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