Kelli Kaye

Los Angeles, California

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Producer / Line Producer / UPM

As an independent producer with a background in line producing/DGA UPM and production accounting, I bring 13+ years of film, television, and documentary experience with expertise in production budgeting, producing & managing productions, creative development, production accounting background, locations/permiting, and bringing projects in on time and on budget.

Other Qualities:
- Leadership qualities with strong attention to detail and organization
- Multi tasking and prioritizing
- Problem solving
- Direct but honorable negotiations
- Preparing preliminary shooting schedules
- Hiring the crew & manage
- Approve all production expenditures
- Experience with small and large crews, union or non-union
- Solid relationships with vendors, crew
- All Contracting: locations, cast, crew, vendors, payroll

I have been in the industry since 2006.

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