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Hi, my name is Enouche better known as a 3D designer, Creative Director, and I am in charge of www.enomiellproductions.com a visual company that will make your ideas come to life in a major way. I am a freelancer for the * Best * Motion Graphics, Motion Logos, Music Videos, Corporate Videos, Informercials, Real Estate Videos, & More. I am Experienced in the field of video production from Pre Production - Production - Post Production, Creative Director "Enouche Trosclair" Provides Top of the Line Film Production And Post Production Equipment ( Green Screen / JIB ARM / JIB CRANE / STEADICAM / CAR MOUNT / DOLLY / TRACK / RED OPERATOR) That He Is Certified To Operate, Which Makes A Beautiful But Fast Work Flow In The Production Process!

I will be providing:

Great Editing! Platform (Maya, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4D, RealFlow, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, etc...)
Great Communication and Artistic Skills
Great ( MTV VH1 ) Quality Mastered Footage
(Apple Certified)

My Contact: (512)522-5437 (24/7)

You Can Find My Work At:

Website: http://www.enomiellproductions.com

email: enomiell@gmail.com

I look forward too working with (for) you.

Respectfully, Creative Director ( Editor ) Enouché

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