Adam Intriago

New Orleans, Louisiana


About Me

My name is Adam Intriago. I come from the beaches of Jacksonville, Florida, but I currently reside with my wife in the eclectic city of New Orleans.

I have worked creatively in many areas throughout my entire life, but I have been working professionally since 2009. I have talent, experience and passion in most creative areas including filmmaking, photography, design and illustration. I also have great interest and knowledge of architecture and fashion.

I am currently pursuing a career as a writer and director of film, but day to day I am a photographer, design artist, and video editor. I'm also the Owner/Director of Visual Arts at New Orleans local production company Indien Media, which I launched in early 2013.

Besides my wife and art, the things I love the most are music, food, and the outdoors.

I have been in the industry since 2012.

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