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Professional Experience: Please Note, we are for hire on most projects. We have contacts for distribution on finished and new projects. We have matching funds and or will produce for and with other company's.
If interested please send us some info..

Almost 30 years of hands-on experience in the entertainment business

Over 10 years of corporate financial experience, including media and music distribution, access to Film and Television distribution and

Additional , Talent, Agency contacts, Finance, studios Relationships, show running, insurance, branding and product

Areas Of Expertise

Extensive knowledge of the concepts, methods and techniques utilized when creating unique films

Knowledge of cinematic procedures, the latest technology, editing software and cameras

Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and techniques of business

Skilled in basic accounting techniques, securing financial resources, distribution, theatrical Distribution, talent and preparing budgets.

We possess the communication and problem solving skills essential in closing deals.

Specializes in securing the necessary rights and raising the finances required for the development process

Hires crew members (i.e. cameramen, lighting crew, sound engineers, costume designers)

We have been in the industry since 1999.

Lisa Williams - Life Among The Dead Special (1/5)
Added on 1/7/2013

Producer- A British clairvoyant's daily routine in Los Angeles is observed as she gives `readings' to clients (and strangers), and as she interacts with her husband and young son.

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