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John Pallotta is a firm believer that there is no such thing as Acting there is only Life. John's technique is based on the belief that Acting is A STATE OF MIND. It is about innocence, imagination, vulnerability, instincts and honesty. It is about practicing the potential qualities that you were born with. The less you think like an actor, the more childlike and innocent you are, the more productive and in the moment you will be.

Inspired by his gift for providing deep insight with quiet, well-chosen words, John Pallotta is quickly becoming one of the top acting coaches in New York City, Washington DC, Chicago. Some have taken to calling him the Actor Whisperer, but thanks to amazing reviews from Academy Award and Emmy Award Winners, his secret is out.

John knows that good acting requires that you study in order to master the craft. John's method teaches actors how to achieve and respond to honest emotions both on and off-camera by utilizing the principles mentioned above: innocence, imagination, vulnerability, instincts and honesty. Using these principles encourages actors to experience rather than indicate an emotion. You will learn to not just see a character, but to become them. We work on this on a conscious level in the classroom so John's students can use it on a subconscious level on a set or stage. John doesn't waste time dictating about whose method is best; he encourages his students to mix and play with different methods to discover what works for them.

John's method is aimed exclusively at unleashing the actor’s emotional power. John's focus as a teacher of the craft is to help each and every one of his students find their own voice as an actor. Acting is a process. It is a journey of discovery. It is a living breathing process that happens each and every day and does not happen overnight. Becoming an actor is learning a new way of thinking and about the way you look at life. Just as you make choices in life that determine your success or your failure. It goes the same for your choices you make as an actor.

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