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Elmhurst, Illinois

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My artwork leans toward the theatrical because being at the theater you can see and feel human emotion happening in front of you and it grabs your attention. I want my illustrations to capture my audience’s attention. My business is primarily out of Chicago because it is my home and my muse. My BFA in Illustration from the American Academy of Art, as an Illustrator, I am determined to capitalize on a career in storyboarding. I view my work as exponential because with every illustration my skill becomes greater. I have yet to miss a deadline on a project and I am as tenacious as ever to become the best illustrator I can be. I start out with thumbnail drawings and photo references that turn into pencil drawings on Bristol board. The illustration can take numerous routes whether it is traditional or digital; it all leads toward making the illustration fantastic.

The art of illustration that I create is only the best. I look to Alex Ross, Jack Kirby, and Italian baroque paintings to get the finest quality of illustrations. Baroque paintings show me that the right light can create powerful emotional effects. Alex Ross’s work taught me that comic book art doesn’t have to be flat colors and ink. It can have layered colorings and smooth gradations. Jack Kirby demonstrates that being tenacious about visual storytelling can lead to extraordinary things. That kind of passion those artists represent, I strive to live up to everyday.

I refer to myself as “The Tenacious Illustrator” because I wish to represent past and present passion that has created some of the world’s best artwork. It is also to remind myself to never stop improving as an illustrator. To quote President John F. Kennedy’s presidential nomination acceptance speech, " A whole world looks to see what we shall do. And we cannot fail that trust. And we cannot fail to try.”

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