Nicholas Gasdik

Provo, Utah

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Nicholas J. Gasdik (ASCAP) is an Emmy Award winning Film Producer and Composer with several national awards, including CINE Golden Eagles and Gold Awards from the New York and Chicago Film Festivals. His internationally acclaimed films have appeared on HBO, the Disney Channel, NBC and PBS, and include "A More Perfect Union", "Mountain of the Lord", "The New World", "Encyclopedia Brown", "The Witching of Ben Wagner", "On Sacred Ground", "The Eternal Christ", "How Rare a Possession", and "Opening Isaiah". Projects currently in development in association with Taleswapper Entertainment ("Ender’s Game") are based on the novels of NY Times best selling author Orson Scott Card. They include "The Tales of Alvin Maker", "The Lost Prince" and "Treason". Mr. Gasdik also sits on the Board of Directors for the Osmond Foundation.

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