Shawn Wilkerson

Palo Alto, California

About Me

Freelance Videographer and Avid Video Editor

Multi-talented video producer Shawn Woods [born Shawn Wilkerson] rounds out his talents as an editor, actor, writer and recording artist. Raised in East Palo Alto, a rough and developing center of diversity in the northern Peninsula, Shawn would attend Menlo School, a private high school in Atherton, CA. There, Shawn would find a new outlet for his acting talents senior year working with Multimedia and video. Producing several shorts for class projects, the love became a hobby, manifesting itself into 2 mid-length feature scripts. The first would become "Shafted", a 30 minute parody of Shaft, a movie he hadn't seen until 4 years later as a junior at Pepperdine University.

Having fallen short of completing his second film, "Conversations in the Learned Field" in 2002, Shawn then shifted focus to school. In 2003, acceptance to Pepperdine University prompted a move to Malibu. Changing degrees from Engineering to Telecommunications proved a key move. Canvassing the Malibu campus equipped with a camera and a self-built cpu running Avid Xpress Pro, Shawn continued to shoot and edit digital shorts.

On a cold fall day in 2005 on dorm road, Shawn's brother, Shutter Shades CEO and then intern at Interscope Records, Turbo, sent an article about hiphop group Little Brother's "The Listening" on This inspiration provided the spark to take his writing to another level and to learn digital music production with Fruity Loops. After writing several poems about his crush in Humanities class, Shawn took to the stage at school coffee houses and talent shows as emcee antiThetic, perfoming poetry to beats.

Black of All Trades, formerly just a notion in high school, was born.

He continued to gain form in 2008 forming a working partnership with J. Anthony Brown's Watchoutdehnow Productions, producing videos for his "Murderded Hits" series, as well as comedic shorts and bits. A refreshing break from shooting Hollywood Red Carpet videos, producing viral videos became the focus as he worked alongside talented musician Ari-Gee, and NDHawk Entertainment.

Black of All Trades whether on webcam, in front of the lights and HD camera, or behind the lens and keyboard, BlackOAT is NOT the proverbial "Master of None", rather an enigmatic source of entertainment.

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