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I am writing this letter and including my resume in the hopes that you will consider me for recording, mixing, mastering, production work you may have. I am a multi platinum award winning engineer and have been a full time professional engineer/producer in Hollywood for 25 years.
I've mixed and mastered 38 songs that have been released by "Bone thugs N Harmony" alone. Other recent clients include NASCAR on Fox Sports Network, "Do or Die". "Crucial Conflict" and Pharcyde.
Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

Respectfully yours,
Dave Banta

To obtain work doing. recording, mixing, mastering and/or music production (in person or online). I have a professional studio in Hollywood CA. I am also available for teaching.

I have worked as a full-time recording, mixing and mastering engineer, producer, and pianist for over 25 years in the Hollywood area. I taught recording and mixing at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension for 10 consecutive years. I taught mixing, Cubase and Reason at the Musician’s Institute for one year.
Along with teaching I also produced a bestselling video series entitled “The Basics of Home Recording”, which was distributed to 4,000 stores in the United States. Volume 4: "The Complete Guide to Mixing" has become an industry standard.
Currently, I am the senior producer, board operator and on-air talent for a top talk show on the entertainment industry called "Samm Brown's for the Record". It includes my segment "Dave Banta's Home Recording Tips and Advice". The show airs on KPFK-FM every Thursday at 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time 90.7FM Hollywood/L.A., 93.7FM San Diego, 98.7 FM Santa Barbara, and 99.5FM China Lake/Ridgecrest.
The most powerful radio station (transmitting wattage) west of the Mississippi can be heard live at www. kpfk. org. Visit youtube to view a previous show of mine on KPFK.

Credits (Include But Not Limited To)

Records and Soundtracks
• "NASCAR Highlights Theme" and "NASCAR Highlights Theme 2" on Fox. Composed, produced, mixed and mastered the themes for NASCAR on Fox.
• Bone thugs-n-harmony-Mixed and mastered 38 songs at my studio that have been released by Bone thugs. I produced and/or recorded. (Bone thugs is the #1 selling rap group in history).
• Take That (Robbie Williams’ group) Recorded, mixed, and edited the single "Sure", which was released on the #1 selling album “Nobody Else” “Sure” appeared on Take That’s greatest hits album, both albums ranked #1 on Billboard's Top 100 Selling Albums in Europe. Both earned multi platinums. “Nobody Else” was also released in the U.S. (just shy of Gold).
• "Blaze of Glory" by Flesh N Bone of Bone thugs-n-harmony-Mixed and mastered every song released by Flesh N Bone since his release (from prison) in 2008 including all 19 songs on this solo album.
• Johnny P and AK "Do or Die”-Mixed three singles with Johnny P and AK of "Do or Die" and Never More from "Crucial Conflict" (2012).
• "Unsung" on the TVone network-Mixed the main music at my studio for the episode on Billy Preston (2011).
• 9ice-Mixed the four singles on the "Tradition" album for one of South Africa's biggest artists (2008). The album sold over 750,000 copies in the first week of release and sold over 2 1/2 million copies to date.
• Slim Kid Tre (Pharcyde)-Produced, mixed, tracked, and mastered the entire album “SlimKid3’s Café”, which was released April 4, 2006.
• Tupac-Various vocal tracking and midi dumps (1993-1996).
• Tracie Spencer-#6 single “It’s All About You (Street Remix)” by
“The Roots” and Dance Remix, (Capitol records) Mixed, mastered in my studio.
• Coolio “Fantastic Voyage”-(#1 single) (TV Mixes/Tracking)
• Luther Vandross-Ava Cherry’s album featuring Luther (Mixing/Tracking)
• Tina Turner-Remixed songs for "The Greatest Hits of Ike and Tina Turner" Album (Mixing).
• Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg-Single "All Night Long” (Mixing/Tracking).
• Rodney O’ and Joe Cooley- “The Final Chapter” mixed and tracked album.
• “Jack and Jill” (Prime-Time Warner Bros. show)-Produced, mixed, mastered, tracked music for the Prime-Time show.
• “Undressed”-Produced, mixed and tracked music for several episodes of this Prime-Time show on MTV.
• Lina Santiago-Mixed the singles on her album on MCA including “Everywhere I Go” with Emilio Estefan.
• Alvaro Torres-(Mixing, concert sound) EMI
• Carlos Ponce-(Mixing) Recorded multi-track overdubs for live concerts and was head sound man (EMI).
• Barrio Boys (Mixing, head live sound man for concerts) EMI.


• Over 20 years working full-time in professional studios as first engineer (Over 10 years on analog reel-to-reel).
• Proficient on SSL, Neve, Trident, API, and Harrison mixers (Built an SSL G+ in 2005).
• Over 15 years recording full-time on digital platforms (proficient on PC and Mac)
• Proficient on Pro Tools 10, Sonar, Cubase 7, Reason5, Ableton, Melodyne, and nearly every plug-in available including Waves, Universal Audio, Antares and more.


The King’s College B.S. Music Education
Major in Music Trumpet (Graduated 1980)

Jersey City State College, N.J. 1980-1981
Major in Music Theory and Composition

American Technical College Completed the Electronic/Computer
Technician course (4.0 GPA) Major
in Electronics 1991
Other credits
• Lead trumpet on of U.S. Air Force's premier jazz and concert bands (1981-1984)
• Taught K-12 music and band - Bosqueville I.S.D., Bosqueville, TX (1984-1986)

Available Upon Request

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