Saad Hameed

North Hollywood, California

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Freelance camera assistant and operator. Sometimes production assistant.
My main area of expertise is in the camera department, more specifically as a camera assistant and operator. My career goal is to join the union (Local 600) and ultimately work on major motion pictures and television. I've worked on a wide variety of shows, ranging from features, music videos, commercials, short films, etc. so I know the process and peculiarities of each different type of shoot. My goal when I arrive on set is to do whatever is in my power to make things go smoothly and successfully. I come very prepared, always bring my kit and try to anticipate problems before they arise, so they can be avoided. No matter if it's a big budget movie or a small indie film, I always bring my A-game and pride myself on my punctuality, positivity and professionalism. No job is too mundane or below me, and neither is anything beyond my ability to learn and excel at. Lastly, filmmaking is collaboration at its finest, so teamwork with my fellow crew members is important to me and I value each and every position.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

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