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Charlestown, Indiana 47111


About Us

Taylor Rose Historical Outfitters specializes in historical time periods from 1700-1865. We provide set dressing, props, wardrobe, full sets, reenactor talent, historical advising, material culture consulting, and much more. All of our production is thoroughly researched and documented to be as historically accurate as possible. We are capable of producing wardrobe and props for rent or sale to meet any historical needs. We have a large supply of historical equipment, large and small. Our rates are very reasonable and we take the headache of mountains of research out of any historical project. Let us help you with your next historical film, documentary, flashback scene, commercial,fantasy epic, etc! We are based in the Midwest, serving filmmakers in the Louisville, Ky, Indianapolis, IN, Cincinatti, OH regions. Let us make your next film one to remember!

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