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Film41 provides Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) services and digital production support to television, commercial, episodic, and industrial productions. We focus on the safety and security of your footage as well as allowing the DP to get the look they want while giving post the workflow they need. Film41's principal is Kevin Colber, a full time freelancer since 2005. Kevin was in on the ground floor for the solid state recording revolution, providing DIT and Data Management services from the early days of card based production.

FIlm41 provides extensive DIT services that are highly configurable to any production. The role of a DIT seems to change from job to job, so an adaptable DIT with enough gear to tailor it for the needs of a given production is highly important. We can scale down to a mobile Thunderbolt based high volume/speed offload station that fits in one case; scale up to a full cart based grading system that provides post transcodes and dailies with baked in LUTs- or anything in between. We have also begun utilizing the Light Iron server system to help clients and agency have quick access on set via their tablets for review of footage just minutes after card input.

Our LUT generation/1 light grading utilizes Davinci Resolve and Adobe Speedgrade to efficiently build a look with the DP to be baked into transcodes and/or dailies as necessary. We can also monitor the camera live to observe for any technical issues. This gear is also scaleable, going from a minimal setup to a full grading system including a color reference monitor, Tangent Wave grading panel, and an Ultrastudio 4k I/O system.

Ultimately the most important job of any DIT is Data Security. All other services are major roles in the production to post workflow- but in the end the data has to be safely backed up and verified before the cards are released back to the cameras. The clips must be accurately backed up to multiple drives, verified, and spot checked. The core of our offload systems is Pomfort Silverstack- a data management program which allows nearly that whole process to happen in once central program. Silverstack also allows us to update clip metadata, add Scene, Shot, and Take info, note selects, flag timecode, among other tasks which are then part of the metadata of the clip, allowing post to much more quickly identify the clips needed for a cut. This info is also baked into dailies footage available via Light Iron Server for on set dailies review- making it much easier for clients to sort through the footage on set. We generate daily reports for post and production that reconciles clip/reel names with timecode, scene/shot/take, and just about any data post would like.

FIlm41 does all this with little impact on a shooting day- the workflow happens in the background, with only the Look Generation with the DP and Director having the need to pull anyone away from their work. We work efficiently, accurately, and most important safely to protect the footage and work with the creatives to insure their vision translates to the screen.

Partial Gear List:
MacbookPro Retina
Ultrastudio 4k
Tangent Wave
MaxxDigital ThunderRAID 12TB
Sonnet Echo Express
Atto r680 SAN Controller
Fasta-6gu3 USB3 and ESATA Controller
Panasonic BTLH-1710 Monitor
Rokit 5 Powered Audio Monitors
Audiobox 22VSL
APC Backups
Furman Power Conditioner
RawSteel USB3 CF/SD Card Readers
Thunderbolt SxS Pro Readers

Pomfort Silverstack
ShotPut Pro
SoundDevices WaveAgent
Adobe CC
Final Cut Pro
Avid Media Composer
Sorenson Squeeze
Davinci Resolve

I have been in the industry since 2004.

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