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My name is John Wooliscroft and I have been actively involved and employed in the field of film and digital technology for the last 8 years. As a graduate student for the past two years, I have become very dedicated to using my skills in film, digital technology, and information technology to help me better that institution. I am prepared to take that invaluable knowledge and implement it to the work place. I believe in the importance of using technology to help better educate, inform, and progress ideas.

During my time at Chatham University in the Film and Digital Technology program, I have become a leader and worked collaboratively with others to improve Chatham and make the university a better place. I accomplished this by not only being a student, but also as an employee working in and around campus on a variety of film and digital media jobs. I worked with five other colleagues as a Production Assistant and a Digital Media Specialist. During my time in this department I have worked with multiple departments at Chatham University filming and editing a variety of different events in order to help said departments catalogue and preserve their speakers and presentations. I also helped stream live broadcasts of panels and discussions all around the world. This often required working in high paced, high energy scenarios where people need quick, but extremely high quality turn around.

I continued working in the digital field by moving on to a position in Information Technology. This position allows me to help faculty, students, and outside guests use technology for their lectures, presentations, and events on campus through my advanced knowledge of technical media. I assist them in understanding the technology around them, how to use it, and I also keep technology up and running all around the university. This position helped me develop systems to create dynamic and multi-faceted media presentations for audiences in person and in cyber space.

In my ten years of video and digital media experience, I have had many opportunities to use social media as an outlet to further expand myself as an artist, professional, and simply a person to a wider demographic. I frequently use social media as a means to stay in touch and network with other people as a a friend, colleague, and professional. I use this wonderful tool as a means to further myself as filmmaker. In this particular field I have learned that it is extremely important to constantly stay relevant and on top of the ever changing world of cyber space. In addition to my work with social media, in the past few years I have gained experience in coding HTML/CSS to create websites from scratch and have also used Dream Weaver to reach the same end. I have also used and modified existing templates as a part of creating websites as well.

I have extensive free lance experience over the past five years in film, creating live video interactive presentations, editing videos for broadcast on television, dvd distribution, and the web, I’ve also worked on creating video packages that worked interactively with presentations and special events to enhance there overall esthetic.I also have experience doing freelance writing for the web, writing articles and human interest pieces for a variety of different websites.

I have the skills both for the everyday technical needs, but also the specialized talents in film and digital technology including cinematography, editing, and audio work. I have tried continually to present myself with a level of professionalism, not only as an artist, but as a worker and representative of Chatham University. I’m prepared to take this extensive knowledge and work experience and translate to this particular opportunity. My resume outlines my previous accomplishments, and I can provide a demo reel or work example upon request.

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