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Hollywood, California


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Cullen Chambers has worked on over 3,000 movie, film, TV, plays, commercial, and video productions.
• He has worked as a principal actor, bit player, special bit player, featured actor, stunt double, photo-double, stand-in for over 20 Academy Award, Emmy, Golden Globe, Tony winners and nominees, background player and behind the scenes as a Producer, Director, Writer & Casting Director and most crew positions.
• He has appeared in such films as Pulp Fiction, The Believers, Deep Impact, Harlem Nights, Student Bodies, Die Hard II, Robo Cop II and Star Trek, The Next Generation.
• On such TV shows as 24, Crossing Jordan, West Wing, Judging Amy, General Hospital, Skin, Cold Case, CSI Miami, Dallas, Gilmore Girls, Cheers, The Practice, L.A. Law, Alien Nation, Resurrection Blvd, In Living Color, Murder She Wrote, Deep Space Nine and The Suite Life;
• Commercials for such companies as Pepsi, American Express, Budweiser, Federal Express, Nintendo, Microsoft, Dominoes, Barclay Bank, The Scooter Store, National Rental Car and Delta Airlines.
• A client for over 35 years with the prestigious Mid West Talent Management agency.
• A 30+ year entertainment veteran and author/writer with 20+ award winning &/or best-selling entertainment books & directories (
• A member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and The American Federation of Radio & Television Artists (AFTRA).

• People Magazine
• Celebrity Almanac
• Who's Who in Hollywood

1. Co-Author: Back to One, The Movie Extras Guidebook 20th Edition (1985-2009)
2. Cast & Crew and What They Do! (2007)
3. How To Get Your Child Into Acting Guidebook (1998)
4. How To Make Good Money As A Hollywood Extra (October 1985)
5. Hollywood Movie Extras Casting Agency Directory (1986)
6. Editor: Hollywood Industry Insider magazine (Current)
7. Extras Extra (Fall 1999)

• I.C.I.N. –International Casting Information Network
• S.A.G. -Screen Actors Guild
• A.F.T.R.A. -American Federation of Television & Radio Artists
• A.B.P.A. – American Book Publishers Association

• Celebrity Award for Outstanding Book by a Celebrity - ParaPub (1995, 2006)
• Several National Bestselling Award for Sales, Back To One, The Movie Extras Guidebook (1988-2009).
• Award of Excellence & Appreciation from “ME” Movie Extras Awards (1992)

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