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To programmatically refine my development skills in A/V industry and latest developments in videography, film and motion graphic.



Committed to company satisfaction, objectives and sales performance.
Provide leadership and insight for the sport store schedules and monitor all guidelines.
Self-starter when working independently with managerial and solving problems issues.
Good attension to detail and analytical skills.
Working knowledge of Macintosh and Windows platforms and software including:
Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, InDesign CS, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, Final CutPro Suite, Flash and HTML.
Excellent customer service , interpersonal communication and computer skills.


MACY’s, South Hills Village, Pittsburgh
Sales Associate, P/T, seasonal, 2011
Floor sale.

SEARS, South Hills Village, Pittsburgh
Electronic sales and presentation, P/T, seasonal, Nov. 2010-2011
Electronics and soft goods Dept.

MOTIONBAY, New York, Pittsburgh.
Sales. Graphics, photography. Customer presentation. Full time, than P/T
•Provide service with audiovisual equipment and technical support. Lighting and rigging. Used Adobe Master Suite CS6, Apple FCP Suite, Cinema 4D.
•Implement new technology, vendor’s liaisons, strategic brand planning.
•Produce and filmed; perform configuration of devices, inventory, equipment diagnosis. Photoshop, Illustrator, FCP Suite, Adobe Acrobat.
2001 – Jan2011.

CNN (MoneyLine Dept.) TV, New York.
Graphic Designer
Wall Street broadcast; graphics and edits,layout.
•Files and video upload.
•Editing, digital library and animation for Money Line segments.
2000 - 2001

Graphic Artist
Power Point design and content delivery for Pfizer and Columbia University, New York. •Interactive design. Sony, Panasonic cameras , locations lighting. Troubleshot network applications.
•Presentation for pharmaceutical, educational and entertainment industry on interactive CD Rom-s,
•Corporate and education graphics.
•Visual Communication - Health and Drugs Agency with expansive electronic presentation projects.
1999 - Sept. 2000

Graphic Artist/Designer
Control room and locations rigging, patch and troubleshot connections, news cameras on locations .
Graphics and 2D animation. Responsible for news graphics and commercials feed to the cable station.
1998 March - 2000

Delivery of corporate content A/V, designing and editing broadcast graphics and animations for a major local news network. Other duties include; playing shows on the air, defragment computer disks in the network and log tapes, Files conversions, Fetch files to IBM station and Cisco servers.
Duties include:
• Control Room Manager, Internet data delivery, purchase, web research and data server maintain.
• Promotional spots/station identifications (3 seconds-2 minutes)
• Animated graphics for packages and promotions
• Patch news segments and play on air
• Graphics incorporated into live action footage
• DVCPRO Panasonic, Sony and DVCPRO SD and HD editing system proficient.

Utilize above Adobe, Acrobat, Apple graphics software .
Studio Manager, Photographer
•Managed studio and location assignments, coordinate assistants, stylists and set designers.
•Enhanced visual vocabulary by using 4X5 and 8X10 cameras and lighting accessories.
•Print and processed B/W, duplication, props management.
•Help to style products for tabletop and location photography.
•Composed and light products for correct exposure.

PIVAC Computer Operator, Color Correction.

•Analyzed color data and developed systems for faster output.
•Printed color and B/W with Minolta Color Analyzer.
•Used customized digital – high-end Durst stations.
•Scan transparencies and flat art for digital retouch.

FREELANCE/PRDUCTION for: CNN, American Museum of Natural History, Cohen Studio, , Columbia University, Queens College, Roosevelt Island Hospital,
St. Vincent Hospital, New York, High School – Media Center, Castillo Center, Speed Graphics Lab, Theater for New City, Center for Media Arts, Guggenheim Museum.
All in New York. Graphics sales and Photography.

Hilton South ,Garden Inn, Sears-Century III Mall, Sears-South Hills Village, Cavanaugh’s Bridal, Rosario’s Banquet Center, Small Business Network, Business Partners, Isazzu Salon, Terminal Building Properties. All in Pittsburgh. Graphics and Photography.


Creative Non-fiction Writing, Pittsburgh, Community College. 2012
Business and Administration Course, Pittsburgh, Community College. 2010
School of Visual Art, Graphics Department, New York, 1993-1999.
APPLE CENTER, Image Processing, Graphics and Editing Seminars, Mac X server, New York, 1993-1999.
Film Center, Final Cut Pro, Set up and composing, New York. 1999-2000
Center for Media Arts, Germain School of Photography Program, New York, 1986.
Dale Carnegie Course, Communication and Solving Difficult Problems, 1999,New York.
Warsaw University, Art History Dept. Warsaw , Poland, 1978-1981.

I have been in the industry since 1988.

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