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Portland, Oregon

About Me

Stefan Anderson began his journey in filmmaking much like his favorite writers Hunter S. Thompson and Jack Kerouac began their own; with adventure. Life for Stefan began in a small and modest farm community, but with his first year of adulthood and a lust for life growing insatiable, Stefan skipped town for the unknown of Southern Mexico.

He soon found himself in the antique city of Oaxaca, working as an assistant in Extras Casting on a Paramount Pictures film. Stefan drifted through the long days, wild nights, and strange cities in search of diamonds in the rough for major motion pictures such as Nacho Libre, The Heartbreak Kid, Vantage Point, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

After the threat of Mexican Cartel violence halted a production in its tracks, Stefan ventured back to Northern California for a chance at producing music videos with a young and aspiring music video Director. A percussionist himself, the opportunity to fuse his lifelong passion for music with his love for film production ignited his every ambition. He quickly found himself creating works for many of the alternative and punk rock artists he'd grown up adoring, and after considerable success, his path elevated through higher-profile projects with many international artists including Akon, The Smashing Pumpkins, and The Sounds.

The path continues to unwind through new countries, friendships, and an endless soundtrack as the story writes itself, onward and upward.

Stefan currently produces music videos for RSM Creative in Los Angeles, and works freelance out of Portland, Oregon in his off time.

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