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PROPOLOGY (MOLNAR MOTION PICTURE PROPS, INC.) has been providing the Vancouver BC Film & Television industry with technical props services since 1987. Initially a manufacturer of custom props, this company has expanded to become a significant source of technically-oriented prop rentals.

Rentals and Custom Props

We are acutely aware of how challenging it is for Prop Departments to obtain high-quality examples of "technology props" commonly needed in contemporary production. Our mandate is to fill this need in the most efficient, economical, and hassle-free way possible.

Our Inventory

Company inventory consists of devices and electronics starting from circa 1950 to present day. Also stocked are items that are fictitious in nature, such as articles designed to portray future technology.

Our Props Warehouse

Unlike most prop houses, PROPOLOGY does not display its inventory on shelves like a retail store. Instead, the vast majority of our inventory stock is stored in enclosed bins. Each individually labeled bin is integrated into an shelving system designed to ensure rapid location & retrieval. This method of organization provides the maximum use of our warehouse, optimum protection to our inventory items, and highest and best use of your time. In this way, we are able to keep our overhead low, incurring minimal loss & damage, and maximizing efficiency. This allows us to offer our clients competitive pricing, while maintaining a rental stock that is often in better physical condition than found elsewhere.

Browsing Our Inventory

Because every rental item is viewable online, our clients spend less time travelling in order to photo-document prop choices for evaluation by their colleagues. Each item is clearly depicted and identified, often with multiple images and other useful information. Simply browse the linked index located in the left column, then print or save any images or pages needed for "show & tell". There is also search engine link located in the upper right of each webpage.

We are proud that our inventory represents a varied cross-section of product and era:
Devices and electronics starting from the1950's, to present day... and beyond.

Company President - Richard Molnar

Since 1985, Richard Molnar (senior member of IATSE, local 891) has been a professional Props Builder and has also worked in every job category within the Prop Department, both on and off set. This experience has provided Richard the direct knowledge of the challenges and needs of his production colleagues and clients. As such, PROPOLOGY is both qualified and committed to being fully responsive to our customers and their production requirements.

Origin of the Company Name

The term "PROPOLOGY" was coined by Richard in the early 1980's. It was used by him for many years as whimsical alternative to the conventional description of his profession as a motion picture prop technician. Then in 2012, it was adopted as the name for his company's technical prop rental and manufacture division in order to differentiate those operations from the company's other activities. This choice was deemed appropriate as PROPOLOGY could also interpreted as an amalgamation of the words "prop" and "technology".

We have been in the industry since 1987.

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