Ezell Jordan

Buffalo, New York

About Me

This young musician was involved with many other musicians, exposed to many styles of music, and was a part of orchestras, groups, and later became a pop/punk singer and guitarist of the band Tripod Black and currently embarked on a solo project involving electronic music under the sudonmyn Postac'.

Being employed by Buffalo's top production company (Indigo Productions), he has had to pleasure of meeting and gaining words of wisdom from well known artist such as Rivers Cumos (Weezer) , Todd Thomas (aka Speech: Arrested Development), Tom Scholz (Boston), and also taken the wisdom from award winning producer Darelle 'Delite' Albamy.

Currently pursuing a B.A. in Music Industry, Ezell continues to seek new experiences within the entertainment industry by staying involved with filming, producing, and creating content.

I have been in the industry since 2009.

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