About Me

I've recently graduated from The University of Iowa with two Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Theater Arts and Cinema and Comparative Literature, with a Certificate in Performing Arts Entrepreneurship. Currently, I'm working at The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics within their Applied Media and Production Services branch of Marketing and Communications. In short, I'm a video producer/editor for the hospital.

I also work as a freelance filmmaker. Depending on the project at hand, my responsibilities can cover all bases of the production process. Although, I have particularly concentrated experience as a cinematographer, director and editor.

With the wave of DSLR filmmaking, and the purchase of my own Canon camera, my interests and skills have also stretched into photography. Having been hired out to capture anything from live events and concerts to headshot sessions with actors, dancers and musicians, I've integrated my new found love for photography with my knowledge of Photoshop and design work to deliver edited and distribution ready materials to my clients.

I come from a performing arts background. In studying theater in college, and working on several independent film projects, I feel well versed in the nature of collaboration. And with that, the ability to connect and work with drastically different individuals. Whether the job be video based, photography based, or both, I favor and promote a collaborative and creative process. I've found that my way of working allows the client, and their unique needs and desires, to explore and develop even beyond what was initially envisioned.

I have been in the industry since 2005.

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