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We are an online based camera, lens and accessory rental company. We rent out Specialty lenses and Cameras, DSLR Cinema Lenses, Cameras, Accessories, Support/Rigs, Sound/Lighting Equipment and more. We ship throughout the USA. (Minnesota local pickup available.)

Hdslr video has become a standard tool on many commercial and motion picture shoots. The quality of your production depends on more than just having the camera. Standard gear and accessories are not optimized for hdslr video and to have a shoot that runs smoothly requires a new look at gear lists and requirements. Many new companies have begun selling just about everything under the sun to make your shoot easier, faster and cheaper. The problem is which ones work and what ones will make your production actually easier, faster and cheaper? we were among the first people to organize professional shoots with hdslr cameras. We have been working with asc’s, major television shows, feature films and many other hollywood productions on this platform and this has provided us insight with handpicking the best possible kit for an hdslr shoot.

The list is long and varied and constantly changing as to what products to use and best practices for the hdslr platform. We have designed custom picture styles, found the best cf cards, filters, monitors, rigs, cables and setups to best take advantage of the platform (and the limitations) to allow you focus on the shoot rather than the technology. Please contact us to inquire about our packages, gear to rent and services to help you have a smooth and successful shoot.

If you have questions about any of our gear, questions about what you would want to have on set or to find out availability please email or call us.

We have been in the industry since 2009.

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