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Moline, Illinois


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B.A. Game Art and Design, in Woodridge, IL
Interned at Warner Bros Games/Nether Realm studio during the development of Mortal Kombat and Batman Arkham city: Lockdown.

5+ years experience in 3D modeling, texturing, rigging and animation, graphic design, video editing/ production and post-production.

Post-production: (reality tv) "American Arm Wrestling, Mid-west chef, Mid-west biker"
Production: (commercial) Chevrolet Krieger's Muscatine, IL-IA Motorcycle awareness ride .psa

Experience: TOC operator, Script supervisor, Director of Photography, Producer, Editor
Post-Production: Adobe Master Suite Proficiency, 3ds Max, Final-cut Pro

Additional: Screen writing, script supervision, military theme consultant, UI/UX design, site-surveying (lighting/shot logging)

I typically am out-sourced for small-medium sized projects and my schedule is very flexible. Reimbursement for relocation further than 75 miles (61265). Commission fees $35 an hour with 2 hour minimum per shoot day (Time and a half for 40/+ hours weekly) Secondary roles $15 additional per hour (IE: ToC+post-production =$50 per hr.)

I have been in the industry since 2009.


Intern, QA for Nether Realm Studio QA BioWare Lucas Arts Cameraman Armsports tv Promotional editor Coors Light, Havoc energy drink Marketing consultant Armsports Tv


After Effects Proffieceny Adobe Premiere Proficiency 3D modeling and animation Lighting and scene set-up Cameraman and camera opererator


Impeccable performance "Nether Realm studio" Promoted multiple times during reality tv shooting Overcame any issues that arose, self-troubleshooting