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Jeremy A. Settles
DP.Cinematographer.Camera Operator. Sound Mixer. Gaffer. G&L 1-5 Ton Truck

I grew up in Vegas and have been in production for about 30 years. I have an extensive resume as well a a long list of repeat clients. My additional résumé's follow this one. Skilled, efficient and professional. Looking forward to working with you! Union Member if needed since 1996 blue card A list member.

Redemption of the Fall (Doc 2012) Producer/DP West Coast
Champs (Mario Lopez) (2010)Camera Operator Bert Marcus Prod.
Bullrider (2006) Cinematographer Josh Aronson


NASCAR Interviews & Packages ( 2008-Present) DP NASCAR
Game Trailers (2007 - Present) DP SPIKE TV
DICE Conv. (2010- Present DP Viacom)
"Reba" (2014) Cam Op Laguna
"The Other Woman Wraps" (2014) DP Viacom
Next Great Baker (2014) Cam Op
Dancing Queen (2014) Cam Op
Wendy Williams Show (Soul Train Awards 2013) DP
Adventure Cooking (2013) Cam Op GRB Ent.
Vegas Players (Pilot 2013) DP
Dancing Queen (2013) Cam Op Laguna
Venetian Restaurants (2013) Cam Op Tomorrow
Marketers Mansion (2013) Cam Op 702
Fly Girl (2013) Cam Op
Starcraft 2 Championship (2013) Camera Operator
CNN - Cinema Con (2013) Director of Photography CNN
RV Countdown Hangover Heaven (2013) Director of Photography High Noon
Dylan K Web Series (2013) Director of Photography NASCAR
Celine Dion(interview on set)Music Vid (2013) Director of Photography Atomic TV
Kobalt 400 Promo (2013) Director of Photography NASCAR
Pauly Shore: Pauly~tics (2012) Producer Showtime
Sin City (Pilot) (2012) Camera Operator Relativity
Behind Amy Schumer (2012) Director of Photography Comedy Central
Officially Amazing (2012) 10/2: Cam Op 10/3 Dir.Of Photog Lion TV
Degrassi (2012) AC Epitome Pictures
Drugs Inc 3 (2012) Las Vegas Producer Wall to Wall
America’s Most Wanted (2012) Director of Photography Walsh Productions
Next Great Baker 3 (2012) Camera Operator High Noon Entertainment
Bridezillas (2012) Director of Photography September Films
Randy to the Rescue (2012) Director of Photography/Seg.Prod Half Yard Prod.
After First 48 (2012) Camera Operator ITV
MissYou Much (2012) Director of Photography VH1
Mama Drama (Opening sequence 2012) Director of Photography VH1
EVO (Gametrailers 2012) Director of Photography Viacom
Pauly Shore: Vegas Is My Oyster(2011) Live Show & Packages Co-producer Leftfield
Millionaire Matchmaker (2010-2011) Camera Operator Intuitive
VIP Vegas (Travel) Director of Photography Magilla
Izod World Championship (2011 Packages, Interviews) Camera Operator IMS
Red Bull: Battle of the Bands Camera Operator Poya Pics
July Moon (2011) Cinematographer Renaissance Ent.
Confidence Game (2011) Camera Operator Blue Chip Films
UFC: Inside the Octagon (2011) Director of Photography Spike TV
Centric Hot 10 (2011) Camera Operator DES Prod.
Spring Break (2011) Direct of Photography MTV
American Restoration (2010) Camera Operator Leftfield
Holly’s World (2010) Camera Operator Alta Loma Ent.
Over the Limit (2010) Camera Operator Zoo Prod.
All Worked Up (2010) Camera Operator RDF
Pawn Stars (2010) Camera Operator Leftfield
Guiliana & Bill (2010) Camera Operator Comcast
Intersections 2010 Camera Operator Blue Chip Films
Odds Makers ( 2010) Camera Operator BV Prod
Fabulous Las Vegas (2010) Camera Operator Logo
The Ulitimate Merger (Omerosa) (2010) Camera Operator Juma Ent.
Big Brother Season 11 Segments (2009) Director of Photography Arnold Shapiro Prod
Teen Nick Halo Awards(Segments) (2009) Director of Photography (Segments) Nickelodeon Prod.
Amazing Race (2009) Camera Operator JB TV
It’s Complicated (Denise Richards) Camera Operator Ryan Seacrest Prod.
UFC NEWS (2009) Cinematographer Spike TV
Busted (May - June 2008) Director of Photography Zoo Prod.
Speeders (June 2007 - May 2008) Director of Photography Zoo Prod.
Hard Rock Rehab (2008) Camera Operator Brad Lachman Prod
Sunset Tan (2008) Camera Operator Intuitive Entertainment
E:60 (2008) Director of Photography ESPN
Gene Simmons Family Jewels (2008) Camera Operator Think Factory
Forensic Files (January - February 2008) Director of Photography Medstar TV
NBA Retired Players All Stars Interviews (February 2008) Director of Photography NBA
Criss Angel: MINDFREAK (2005,January 2008) Camera Operator Angel Prod.
Dinner & A Movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (2008) Camera Operator Norseman Prod.
Bunco World Championships(2006, 2007) Director of Photography Picture This
Real Wedding Crashers "Jonnie and Derek" (2007) Camera Operator Katalyst Films
Game Head (2007) Director of Photography Spike TV
Today in Real Estate (2007) Director of Photography
Rock Camera Operator VH1
The Ultimate Blackjack Tour (2006,2007) : Epis # 2.8, 1.1 Director of Photography Big Vision
Spring Break 24/7 (2007) Cinematographer MTV
Sport Science (2007) Camera Operator Base Prod
Casino Cinema (2007) Camera Operator Spike TV
Major League Gaming (2007) Flame Vent.
Rachael Ray (Segment - 01/23/2007)Director of Photography King World
ESPN Outside the Lines: First Report Epi 01/22/2007 Director of Photography ESPN
Flip That House "Chad Sloan” (2007) Director of Photography Actual Reality Pic.
NBA TV News in Review (2007)Camera Operator NBA
Entertainment Tonight ( Vegas segs 10/4/06, 1/18/07) Director of Photography ET
The Ultimate Fighter "It's Like Anarchy Here" (2007) Assistant Camera Spike TV
Cash Camera Operator Passport Intl.
UFC: Fight Night 9 "Backstage" (2007) Camera Operator Spike TV
Platinum Weddings (2006) Director of Photography Film Garden
The Insider (Epi 11 / 2006) Director of Photography Paramount
Ultimate Poker Challenge (2006, 2007 Epis 3.1, 3.18, Season 3) Camera Operator Passport
Countdown to Tarver - Hopkins (2006)Director of Photography Magic Garden
Treasure Hunters Pilot (2006) Camera Operator Madison Road Ent.
Man, Moment, Machine (2006) "Stormin Norman and the Stealth Fighter Camera Operator Edelman
Fox News (2006) Camera Operator Fox News
Attack of the Show (Epi August 10, 2006) Camera Operator G4 Medis
America's Most Wanted (2005) Director of Photography Walsh Prod.
Plastic Surgery: Before and After (2005) Director of Photography Original Prod.
ESPN Hollywood (2005) Director of Photography ESPN
Showdog Moms & Dads (2005) Camera Operator World of Wonder
Pinks Promo ( 2005) Camera Operator Pullin
Caesars 24/7 (2005) Camera Operator 44 Blue
The Takedown (2005) Camera Operator NPH Ent.
The Tom Joyner Show (Epi 1.5 2005) Camera Operator Reach Ent.
VH1 News Presents: Michael Jackson's Secret Childhood (2005) Camera Operator VH1
2005 Radio Music Awards(2005) Camera Operator Tall Pony
NBA "Inside Stuff" (2004-2005) Camera Operator NBA
Cauldron: Baptism of Blood (2004) Camera Operator TM Prod
Tactical to Practical with Hunter Ellis(2003) Camera Operator A&E
UFO's: Put to the Test (2003) Camera Operator TLC
Intimate Portrait "Gladys Knight" (2003) Director of Photography Greif Co.
Secrets of Superstar Fitness (2002)Director of Photography Four Point Ent.
2004 Billboard Music Awards (2004) Camera Operator MTV
Diamonds from the Bantus (2002). Camera Operator Polydoor Pic
Travel Scams & Rip-Offs Revealed (2002) Camera Operator GRB Ent.
Time Machine: A Complete History of the Green Berets (2000) Camera Operator Brentwood Comm.

Auto Insurance America (2013) Director of Photography Ad Agency
Club Fortune Casino (2013) Director of Photography Atomic TV
Blue Man Group (2013) Camera Operator Laguna Prod
Pin Up Promo (2013) Camera Operator Laguna Prod
Shari’s Diner (2012) Director of Photography Ad Agency
Angies List (2012) Field Prod / Provided Crew Ad Agency
Lily Slim ( Infomercial 2011) Producer Yang Prod.
Toyota (2011) Camera Operator TPM
Findlay RV (2007) Director of Photography Ad Agency
Aliante Golf Pro (2007) Director of Photography Chris Beutler
Vegas.Com (2007) Director of Photography Bro N Stine Prod.

The Verge (2014) Cam Op
iTrade (2014) DP
PGI Partnership Video (2014) DP
IBS (2014) DP
Sound Path Legal (2013) Director of Photography
Janome (2013) Camera Operator
Sears Corporate (2013) Camera Operator Encore
Ford Corporate (2013) Camera Operator Ben Ellingson Prod
Anheuser-Busch Corporate Camera Operator Stage Call
Sears Corporate (2013) Camera Operator Encore
Ford Corporate (2013) Camera Operator Ben Ellingson Prod
Anheuser-Busch Corporate Camera Operator Stage Call
Junior Tennis foundation Promo (2013)
Worldmakers CES (2012) Field Prod / Provided Crew BRE
Downey Scavenger Hunt (2012) Director of Photography Guerilla Vid
Diesel Motor Sports (2012) Director of Photography DMS
Honest Tea Director of Photography Point Media
Opportunity Buys (2012) Director of Photography GTK
LVCA Corp Vid (2011) Camera Operator Laguna
Maintenance Mania Handyman Championships (2011) Camera Operator Visual Concepts
Autonation (2011) Field Prod / Provided Crew Autonation
Batman Live Tour Reh. (2011) Field Prod / Provided Crew DHS
Pain Week Conv. (2011) Field Prod / Provided Crew Corona Prod
MOD Awards (2010,2011 Field Prod / Provided Crew ABEX Exhibit
Jiffy Lube (2010) Director of Photography Ad Agency
AT&T (2010) Director of Photography Ad Agency
CFI (2010) Director of Photography CFI
Marriott (2010) Field Prod / Provided Crew Ad Agency
Medimmune (2010) Field Prod / Provided Crew Ad Agency
Hewlett Packard Corp Vid (2007) Director of Photography Ad Agency
Tahiti Village Resorts (2007) Director of Photography Ad Agency
UHY Corporate (2007) Director of Photography Bill Penzack
Saw III World Premier (2006) Director of Photography Lion’s Gate
Ice Tea’s Player Toast – Producer/Director
Thrillseekers Unlimited Corporate Video (2006) Director of Photography Thrillseekers Inc.
Firemen's Recruiting Video (2006)Director of Photography Sundance Safety
BMW Corporate (2006) Director of Photography DAV
Heinekin Corporate (2006) Director of Photography VMG


Music Video Marva King "My Afro" (2008)Director of Photography GEA & Assoc.
Music Video - Dan Diamond "Bad Habits" (Segments 2007) Director of Photography Jimmie Gonzales
Music Video "151" (2007) Producer,Director of Photography Got Films
Music Video "Producer,Director of Photography Got Films
Music Video "Straw - Livin' in the Negative" (2003) Producer,Director of Photography Got Films
Music Video "Watson Family" (2002) Producer Got Films

(702)838-9143 (702)303-3994

Bud Lite Promo (2014)
Paragon (2014)
SLS (2014)
Diamond Resorts (2014)
Home Depot (2014)
World Access (2014)
IBM (2014)
BMC (2014)
MTV Latin (Mercury) (2014)
E! Scott Eastwood (2013)
Cenegenics (2013)
Mercury (2013)
Epicurian Charitable Foundation (2013)
Caesar's Christmas Promo (2013
Ian Ziering Interview (2013)
Home Depot (2013)
DJI Corporate (2013)
Chevy Spot / Internet Promos (2013)
American Restoration (2011-2012)
Pawn Stars (Sound bites) (2010,2011)
Vegas Strip (Pilot) (2011)
Sin City Cars (2012)
Hookers: Saved on the Strip (2010)
Ultimate Women Challenge (2010)
Flipping Vegas (2010)
UFC Undisputed–Video Game (2009,2010)
Wife Swap (2009,2010)
“The Hangover” Press Junket
Mystery Quest (2009)
Rock the Reception (2008)
“21” (Packages) (2008)
Celebrity Fit Club (2007)
Entertainment Tonight (2006,2007)
G4 Presents: CES (2007)
By Design (2006)
The View (2006)
It Could Happen Tomorrow (2006)
Modern Marvels (2004,2006)
Finley Toyota (2006)
Automall (2006)
Roush Racing: Driver X (2005)
Amazing Animal Inventions (2005)
VH1 News Presents: Michael Jackson’s Secret Childhood (2005)
This Week in Baseball (2004)
The Restaurant (2004)
Road to G-Phoria (2004)
World Poker Tour (2003)
Guerilla Magic (2003)
War Stories with Oliver North (2002)
Nutbag (2000)

(702) 838-9143 . (702)303-3994


America's Cutest Pet (2013) Gaffer
Lucky Shirt Short Film Gaffer (2013)
Pharmacare Commercal Gaffer (2013)
The Captains (documentary) 2012 (gaffer)
Facing Life Head On (2012) (gaffer)
Keenen Cahill Internet Comm 2012 (gaffer)
“Signs” Snoop Dog/Justin Timberlake (2006) (gaffer and grip)
A Line in the Sand (2006) (gaffer)
The Scintas Commercial (2006) (gaffer)
"She House Cinema" (2005) TV Series (gaffer) (2006)
"Bands on the Run" (2001) TV Series (gaffer) (2006)
41st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards (2006) (ENG) (gaffer)
The Celestine Prophecy (2006) (gaffer)
"Top Chef" (2006) TV Series (gaffer
"ABC News Nightline" (1980) TV Series (gaffer) (2005) ... aka Nightline
"Ready for the Weekend Movie" TV Series (gaffer) (2005)
Fine Living Network and CNET Present: The Home Entertainment Upgrade (2005) (TV) (gaffer)
Self Medicated (2005) (gaffer)
"NBC Nightly News" (gaffer) (1 episode, 2005)
- Episode dated 19 May 2005 (2005) TV Episode (gaffer)
"National Body Challenge" (2005) (mini) TV Series (gaffer) Vegas Whales Tales (2005) (TV) (gaffer)
"Biker Build-Off" (2004) TV Series (gaffer) (unknown episodes)
"The Big Break" (gaffer) (1 episode, 2003)
- Episode #1.10 (2003) TV Episode (gaffer)
Carrot Top Rocks Las Vegas (2003) (V) (gaffer)
"World Poker Tour" (gaffer) (1 episode, 2003)
- World Poker Open - 2003 (2003) TV Episode (gaffer)
Vegas: Around the World (2002) (TV) (gaffer)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (2001) (VG) (gaffer)
... aka Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge (USA)
Cheating Las Vegas (2000) (V) (gaffer)
Carnage Road (2000) (V) (gaffer)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Retaliation (1998) (VG) (gaffer)


BMC (2014) Grip
Wheel of Fortune (2013) (grip)
Boulder Station Comm (2011) (grip/electric) Knocked Up (2007) (grip)
Lucky You (2007) (grip)
Venus & Vegas (2007) (grip)
"American Idol: The Search for a Superstar" (grip) "The Contender" (grip) (1 episode, 2005)
- Series Finale (2005) TV Episode (grip)
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous (2005) (grip) "Dr. Vegas" (2004) TV Series (grip) (unknown episodes)
"I Hate My Job" (2004) TV Series (grip) (unknown episodes)
"How Clean Is Your House?" (2003) TV Series (grip) (unknown episodes)
"The Strip" (2002) TV Series (grip)
"The Best Damn Sports Show Period" (2001) TV Series (camera utility) (unknown episodes) America's Sweethearts (2001) (grip)
The Mexican (2001) (grip)
... aka Mexicana, La (Mexico)
3000 Miles to Graceland (2001) (grip)
Pay It Forward (2000) (electrician) (uncredited) "Nash Bridges" (grip)
Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box (1999) (grip) ... aka The Magic Box (USA: short title)
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (1999) (VG) (grip)
... aka Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Firestorm (USA)
"The X Files" (grip) (1 episode, 1999) ... aka The X-Files
- Three of a Kind (1999) TV Episode (grip)
"Movies for Guys Who Like Movies" (1999) TV Series (best boy) (grip) Dune 2000 (1998) (VG) (key grip)
Ringer (1996) (grip)

Faking It" (2003) TV Series (electrician) (2005) ... aka Faking It USA (UK)
"Caesars 24/7" (2005) TV Series (electrician)
"Showtime Best of Boxing" (2004) TV Series (electrician)
"Fake Out" (electrician) (1 episode, 2004)
- Fake Out (2004) TV Episode (electrician)
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (electrician) (1 episode, 2003) "Las Vegas" (2003) TV Series (electrician)
Stuey (2003) (electrician)
... aka High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story (USA: new title)
Highway (2002/I) (electrician)
Emperor: Battle for Dune (2002) (VG) (best boy) (electrician)
"Seven Days" (2000) TV Series (electrician) "I Dare You" (2000) TV Series (electrician)
The White River Kid (1999) (electrician) ... aka White River (USA: video title)
"7th Heaven" (1996) TV Series (electrician) (unknown episodes)

I have been in the industry since 1990.

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