Natasha Montgomery

Durham, North Carolina

About Me

Visual Specialist and Assistant. 7 years experience with degree.

* I have an instinctive knowledge and ability to “read the room” and to implement rapid changes when required. Vital ability to communicate in an easy-to-understand and confident manner to brief all participants and to address, instruct, motivate, and inspire groups and individuals.
* Five years professional experience in corporate and academic a/v production.
* My most recent experiences have solidified my knowledge in all aspects of stagecraft. I have worked as an Electrician, Stage Manager, Carpenter, and Wardrobe hand for various Broadway shows as well as concert and comedy events.
* As a Technical Specialist for Big River Broadcasting (A Sam Phillips Music Corporation), I honed the skills necessary for commercial broadcast and live event sound production.
* Management experience comes from having managed one hundred and sixty units for a homeowner’s association and two government subsidized apartment complexes.

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