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Los Angeles, California


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Premiere Cs6 & Avid 6 Editor: 8 years experience

If you're looking for someone who knows pacing for emotional response, music, and action Contact me.
I'm officiant on Adobe Cs6- Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop.
I have Avid 6 and Resolve Lite as well.
I use to work on FCP for most of my years since FCP3, I moved over from FCP7 to Premiere and Avid for faster, more creative, and officiant editing.

DIY Director & DP:
As an Editor I branch out to the Camera department, why? It is vital for Editors and Post to understand how cameras work and how to work them. I love cameras as much as I love the computers I build.
This falls into knowing how to shoot a scene and how to angle it to tell stories more efficient. This leads me to Direct and even DP.
Why "DIY"? Because I like to show others that you don't need to spend XXX,XXX.00 to make a beautiful shot or to get a scene to work. If you know your tools and how to use them creatively to get the job done at half the price, I believe that's a positive work flow.

My name is David Carmichael, I'm located in Los Angeles, California, but I don't mind traveling.

I have been in the industry since 2008.

David Carmichael, Editor 2012
Added on 2/13/2013
Editor for 8 years, moved from MAC FCP to PC Premiere and AVID. I have Specialized software for working with MAC Hard drives on PC. I excel at telling story through means of editing. Located in Los Angeles. It doesn't matter what Program you use anymore, as long as your editor can deliver fast and positive results through story telling. Ask me for my Resume Email me if you're interested and we can talk. I love to edit, it's my passion. I have studied broadcast in high school, 2 years of video production at the Art Institute, 1 year of advanced video production, Radio sound and audio, and commercial editing at Broome Community College, and 1 year of filmmaking at New York Film Academy. While all through working in Post Production; Editing, Sound Design, Color Correction, and now going into Effects. I am on IMDB, and Youtube with plenty of samples. Please get back to me as soon as you can, thank you. Sincerely Carmichael, David

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