David Carmichael

Los Angeles, California


About Me

Premiere Cs6 & Avid 6 Editor: 8 years experience

If you're looking for someone who knows pacing for emotional response, music, and action Contact me.
I'm officiant on Adobe Cs6- Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop.
I have Avid 6 and Resolve Lite as well.
I use to work on FCP for most of my years since FCP3, I moved over from FCP7 to Premiere and Avid for faster, more creative, and officiant editing.

DIY Director & DP:
As an Editor I branch out to the Camera department, why? It is vital for Editors and Post to understand how cameras work and how to work them. I love cameras as much as I love the computers I build.
This falls into knowing how to shoot a scene and how to angle it to tell stories more efficient. This leads me to Direct and even DP.
Why "DIY"? Because I like to show others that you don't need to spend XXX,XXX.00 to make a beautiful shot or to get a scene to work. If you know your tools and how to use them creatively to get the job done at half the price, I believe that's a positive work flow.

My name is David Carmichael, I'm located in Los Angeles, California, but I don't mind traveling.

I have been in the industry since 2008.

David Carmichael, Editor 2012
Added on 2/13/2013

Editor for 8 years, moved from MAC FCP to PC Premiere and AVID. I have Specialized software for working with MAC Hard drives on PC. I excel at telling story through means of editing. Located in…

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