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I have been studying acting since 2002, and since receiving my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theater (with a concentration on Acting) from West Virginia University I have been working professionally within the television and film production industries in Los Angeles, CA. In addition, I have taught acting courses for the last six summers at West Virginia University’s African American Arts and Heritage Academy. I also am a member of Soundvizion entertainment, where i write and record my own music. I have been an actively performing music for 12 years, and do alot of Music video work.
As an actor, producer, and teacher who has lived in Los Angeles and worked in many different niches of the industry, I have gained a good fundamental understanding of a wide array of topics within the entertainment industry. As an actor, I have played the lead role in many staged pieces, ranging from Sheppard to Shakespeare, and have similarly directed numerous visual performances. I have been trained in a number of vocal and movement styles, and have choreographed and executed numerous fights and movement pieces. Within the television and film industries in Los Angeles, I have held such varied roles as producer, editor, assistant camera editor, and production assistant. I have also owned and operated a full music and video production studio, and have produced, filmed, recorded, edited, and delivered television/web shorts, commercials, and music videos for studios and businesses alike.

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