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Hi, My name is Artem Aleksashenko, but everybody calls me Art (confusion on sets nonwithstanding). Filmmaking, more specifically visuals, is a passion I acuired at the age of 13, when I saw Vadim Yusov's work in Andrey Taarkovsky's "Andrey Rublev"at an arts class in my Highschool in Moscow. Since then I've done many things: graduated Business School, travelled with my kayak all over the world paddling the most difficult white water rivers, completed several first time wilderness expeditions, got a Green Card, protested unjust government in Russia, fell in love, fell out of it... But throughout all that, my camera (video or photo) has always been with me. Capturing visuals became a life defining passion. I studied in filmschool to become a filmmaker, I learnt on sets of multiple features the ins and outs of camera movement, lighting and composition. I have been there and done that in the independent filmmaking world. Now I am 26 years old and I'm ready to achieve my dream, to shoot a first feature film. At 13 I realized I want to be a cinematographer at 25 I am 1 step away from becoming one.

PS I am based in Los Angeles, but travel and moving around has been my passion for as long as I can remember. So for a job in a different or exotic country I am willing to sacrifice a lot.

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