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At the beginning, there was dancing. I trained as a contemporary dancer with a particular focus on "dance theater". I was born in France but spent the first years of my adult life in San Francisco and New York, where my dancing was influenced by Pina Baush's Tanztheater Wuppertal.

I came to cinema later, as an actress directed by French and foreign directors, both on screen and in France Culture and France Inter radio drama.

I worked recently under the direction of Charlotte Sieling (director of the series "The Bridge"), Lola Bessis and Ruben Amar ("Swim little fish swim", selection SXSW/ Jury Award Genart Film Festival 2013/ Grand Jury Award Mamers in March Festival 2014...) and was casted for radio drama under the direction of François Christophe ("D'autres vies que la mienne" Emmanuel Carrère, "Les Misérables" Victor Hugo) and Laure Egoroff ("Pedro Paramo" Juan Rulfo selection Prix Europa, "On dormira quand on sera mort" Carine Lacroix).

I'm living in Paris at the moment and I work both in Europe and America.
I love travelling and so would I work as an actress or voice-actress wherever your project will be shooted or recorded.

You can found out more about my professional background on

Looking for Pablo teaser
Added on 1/20/2017

Leya's brother Pablo has vanished, and she comes to NY in the hope of finding him there. An old photograph, his dreams of Jazz music and America and a letter from Brooklyn are all she has to work…


Actress – "Swim Little Fish Swim" Lola Bessis & Ruben Amar

Feature – Les Films de la Fusée - films production

Actress – "Asphalt Playground" Julien Abraham

Feature – Agat Films & Cie / Ex Nihilo

Actress – "Un si beau Voyage" Khaled Ghorbal

Feature – Yoko Films / Shilo Films

Voice-actress – "Inner Fire" Céline Tricart

Short Film – Binocle Films

Actress – "We are Wild" Sarah Berstein

Feature – Independent

Actress – The Black Cat

Short Film – aaa - Animation Art Graphique Audiovisuel

Actress – "JO" Charlotte Sieling

Television – Rene Balcer

Actress – "Taquiya" Sébastien Rossi

Feature – Evercom Productions

Actress – "Moon Of China" Jean-Christophe Paccalet

Television – Siriac Films

Voice-actress – "Fever" Raphaël Neal

Feature – Strutt Films / Jour2Fête

Voice-actress – "L'aurore boréale" Keren ben Raphaël

Short Film – Palikao Films


I liked working with Myriam. She's a hard working , talented, never complaining actress. Wish I could have her every day on a set !

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