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Toronto, Ontario


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Production Mixer/Recordist & Boom Operator

Ryan Cox is an audio professional based in Toronto Ontario. He has worked on numerous Films, Documentaries, TV & Commercials for companies like Nike, Budweiser, MTV, Much Music, HGTV, BPM:TV, eOne & more. Ryan is an honours graduate of the Recording Arts Management program at the Harris Institute For The Arts. Willing to travel. Valid passport, equipment is flight ready.

Location Audio Services:
Sound Recording/Mixing
Boom Operator
SFX Recording
FOH and Monitor Mixing

Post Production Audio Services:
ADR Recording
Music Recording/Mixing/Mastering
Re-Record/Dub Mixing
SFX & Foley Recording

Location Equipment List:
Sound Devices 664 6 channel mixer & 10 channel recorder
Sennheiser MKH 8070 long shotgun condenser mic
Sennheiser MKH 416 short shotgun condenser mic
3x AKG C 460B w/ CK63 hypercardioid condenser mic
2x Oktava MC-012 cardioid condenser mic
4x Lectrosonics wireless systems (2 waterproof)
4x Sennheiser G3 wireless kits
2x Comtek M-216 Transmitters
4x Comtek PR-216 Receivers
7x Listen Tech PR-400-216 Receivers (for Comteks)
4x DPA 4060 Slim Lavaliere
4x Sanken COS-11D lavaliere
3x Countryman B6 Lavaliere
2x Oscar Sound Tech TL-40 lavaliere
2x Oscar Sound Tech 801 lavaliere
Tram TR-50 wired lavaliere microphone
3x Tentacle sync boxes
Shure SM58 cardioid dynamic mic
Shure Beta 57A hypercardioid dynamic mic
K Tek 10' cabled boom pole
Rycote Windshield kit
Rode Windshield kit


Added on 12/9/2013

Lorde That Much Closer

Part of Much Music's That Much Closer series featuring pop star Lorde.


"Grand Benders Season 3" (TV - Northern Outlaw Productions) "Huron Services Group" (AD - Bruton Stroube) "Modern Romance Is Dead" (Short - Blueprint.tv/Black Belt Kids) "Unbury The Biscuit" (Short - Stratasfear/Heatscore Productions) "GET CYBERSAFE" (PSA - Much Music/Bell Media Inc.) "Cupid" (Short - Reel Wolf/Sky Reach Productions) "Healey's Roadhouse" (Working Title) (Documentary - Eve Kinizo Films) "Fall Out Boy Promo" (Commercial - Much Music/Bell Media) "Save Your Screams" (3 Commercials - Much Music/Bell Media) "La Circuit" (Doc - Furious Kings) “Much Music Big Jingle” (Video Spot – Much Music/Bell Media Inc) “Hottest Guys & Girls” (Commercial – Much Music/Bell Media Inc) “Video on Trial” (Commercial – Much Music/Bell Media Inc) “Love on Love” (Video Spot – DARC Productions Inc) “Just Ella” (Short – No Media Kings) “James Ogilvy” (Short – Shifting Doors Entertainment) “Mean Stinks” (PSA – Much Music/Bell Media Inc) Sound Shapes Pyramid Attack (Video Spot - Queasy Games) "Her With Me" (Short – Elmo Blatch Productions) “Annabelle Falls” (Short 35mm – Furious Kings) “Pathetic, Beautiful” (Short - Assassin Films) “Budweiser Flash Fans Hockey” (Superbowl Commercial - Greenpoint “Fast Train” (TV Pilot - Rival 5 Entertainment) “Blood Riders” (Feature – Blood Riders Productions) “Always On” (Nike Commercial - Greenpoint Pictures) “Demolition DNA” (TV Pilot – eOne) “Club Utopia” (Feature – Frank Caruso Films) “The Unleashed” (Feature - Dark House Films) "That Much Closer w/ LORDE" (TV - Much Music/Bell Media Inc) "Designers Care" (AD - Save The Children/The Republic) "Lena" (Web - Coup Entertainment) "Carey Promo" (AD- Much Music/Bell Media Inc) "Borrowed Time" (Short - The Mind Refinery) "Haphead" (Web Pilot - No Media Kings) "Remains Of The Day" (Short - BravoFACT) "She Sings For Me" (Short - BT Productions) "Haphead Season 1" (Web Series - No Media Kings) "Canon Pro Lenses" (AD - Freshsox) "Bell's Food Truck Challenge" (AD - Scarlett Street) "RBC WE Day Artist Spotlight" (AD - Scarlett Street) "Holmes Make It Right" Season 2 Episode 33 (HGTV) "Office Ass" (Short - Hretorical Devices) BMW 535 28i vs Mecedes E Series (AD - Trailer Park Films) BMW X3 28i vs Audi Q5 (AD - Trailer Park FIlms) BMW X4 28i vs Range Rover Evoque (AD - Trailer Park Films) BMW X4 35i vs Porsche Macan S (AD - Trailer Park FIlms) BMW X6 35i vs Porsche Cayenne S (AD - Trailer Park FIlms) BMW X6 35i vs Range Rover Sport SE (AD - Trailer Park FIlms) "Tour Exposed: Usher" (TV - Vevo) "Gaddar" (Feature - Titan Films) "The Grinch Who Stole Torys" (Corp. - InFlo Films) "U of T Recruitment Video" (AD - Art From KaoS) Rethink Breast Cancer (PSA - Scarlett Street) Hunter's Moon (Feature - Men Of Characters) The Lemon Grove (Feature - Lemon Grove FIlms) 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander (AD - Trailer Park Films) Cadillac "The Daring" (AD - Mathematics Films) "Katherine" (PSA - Corner Store) Tim Horton's "Hat Change" (AD - Corner Store) "Camp Honda" (AD) "Wet Blanket" (Short - BT Productions) "2016 Mitsubishi Lancer" (AD - Trailer Park Films) "Running With Violet" (Trailer - She Said Films) "Influences" CF Toronto Eaton Centre (AD - Traffik) "The Internet Wants" (Trailer - Postopian Pictures) "Blind SIghted S2" (TV Series - Breakthrough Entertainment/AMI)