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NorthShore Studios specializes in national television advertising, commercial production, film production, and post production. Our television advertising group helps clients achieve their goals no matter what the budget. Our TV advertising rates are the most affordable in the country. We work with clients to create local cable or local broadcast television campaigns, as well as broadcast on national television advertising and cable networks. Located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, NorthShore Studios has been managing national television commercials advertising campaigns for two decades.

We help you get your commercials, infomercials, web content or films completed to their highest level at highly competitive rates. Whether you're in need of a Greenscreen, Soundstage, Lighting Package, Crew, or Post-Production services, there's no better place to go on the East Coast. Our 5500 sq ft studio/production space is the most comfortable work environment you'll probably ever experience. The Studio has easy access from the Airport, a large selection of moderately priced hotels and restaurants, spacious parking, a commercial kitchen, 2 Greenscreens, 4K Post Production edit suite and much more to help you get your project completed on time and on budget. We can provide Transportation and Location Scouting services, Red cameras, and Arri light packages. If your project is eligible for Pennsylvania Tax Credits we can help you with those too. Please visit our website for more specifics. We look forward to providing you a quote for your next project.

Long standing relationships with national television networks and cable operators is why Northshore Studios and TelevisionAdGroup stand above other agencies. We are top down national volume buyers and we always get you the very best rate. Whether this is your first time advertising commercials or you are a seasoned advertiser, you will see the difference in experience and know-how. Allow NorthShore studios to help you get your business, product or service in front of a real audience with TV advertising. We will get your business the very best television advertising rates on local, regional, and national cable or broadcast networks.

New film-makers are welcome, too. We can help you get your short film or feature shot and edited. Feel free to email or call with budgeting questions.

So you have a product and don’t know what to do next? No worries NorthShore Studio will help guide your product through the proper approach for direct response and Everything Broadcast! Need a television commercial, or infomercial to advertise your product? How about Radio? NorthShore Studios produces audio and radio commercial advertisements as well as jingle packages. Once produced we will get you the best rates on Radio Airtime on regional and national radio networks. When it comes to television commercial production NorthShore Studio is a full service film production studio, we also provide seasoned talented production crew with a great deal of experience handling television commercial production needs.

These days a proper direct response campaign begins with an effective website. A website can be an extremely effective tool for directing an audience or customer to buy your product or service? Northshore studios designs and builds web sites from simple landing pages to more robust sites. NorthShore Studios makes getting great advertising rates on national television fast and simple. NorthShore Studios is “Everything Broadcast” and this isn't just a tagline, it’s our business. We work hard at broadcast advertising so you don't have too.

NorthShore Studio also has capabilities and experience producing full feature length films. We can provide you with some the latest film production equipment including Red One Cameras and Epic Cinema Quality Cameras. We are set up for independent film production, and film video production. Unlike other film production companies NorthShore Studios film production studios offers you everything in one place; from transportation to lodging.

We also handle national media placement for movies and advertisements and sales. NorthShore Studios also offers other film production studios services for their movies and advertising needs. NorthShore Studios can help you get the very best rates your broadcast movie advertisements. Give us a call we can help you get your movie made on budget.

We have been in the industry since 1990.

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