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I have been working for many years as an electrician and moving light programmer in city of Chicago and I would like to lend my adaptability and skills to your company.

At the beginning of my career I worked as a stagehand for an ice show at Cedar Point, Ohio. While my primary job there was to maintain the ice and set pieces, there were many times when I was called upon to impromptu change tracks with one of the spot ops. This challenge enabled me to think on my feet and trust in the skills that I already possessed in order to create a seamless show for the audience.

After receiving my BFA from The Theatre School, I worked for Carnival Cruise Line as an automation technician and rigger. In that environment, I quickly acclimated myself not only to a rigging system with which I was unfamiliar, but also to an entirely new lifestyle at sea. I had two weeks to learn the ins and outs of the system--including all the safety procedures--before my predecessor left and before home base was more or less unreachable. This taught me how to best troubleshoot under pressure and find solutions to problems so as to keep the shows running smoothly. At times I was asked to fill in for my coworkers acting as lighting designer, sound, and as stage manager for special events and functions onboard the ship.

Currently, I am employed as a lighting technician and programmer with Sound Investment AV in Chicago. This position has provided me with the opportunity to work with some exceptionally creative minds in the world of events and electronic music. I communicate with event planners to translate their designs from concepts and preliminary plans into realities. In this field, I have worked with a variety of talent from high end corporate events to world famous DJs and musicians. Through this work, I have learned to handle all sorts of equipment in a variety of conditions, and have repaired, maintained, and in some cases, adapted to a broken light or piece of equipment at show time.

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