Scarlett Toney

Lake Mary, Florida

About Me

Student at Asbury University pursuing a B.A. in Film Studies

Familiar with Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook. Experience with Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Wordpress. Some knowledge of Photoshop and ProTools. Camera operated Panasonic 200 and DSLRs.

Liaison Officer at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.

Costume Designer for Rebel Pilgrim Production's "Hope Bridge."

Operated camera on
- Catalyst One Day Event seminar
- MediaPOP taping event
- two campus speeches broadcasted to Asbury University's local channel
- student-created award-winning short documentary
- student-produced table tennis tournament broadcasted to Asbury University's local channel
- student-produced live to tape TV programs

Wrote/directed short film. Wrote/directed three live-to-tape student TV programs. Wrote/directed/edited commercial and short film for class. Collaborated as producer/videographer on short film. Filmed/edited two short documentaries.

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