Justin Gloyd

Las Vegas, Nevada

About Me

It’s pronounced “Gloid,” like Lloyd with a “G.”

Justin Gloyd is a writer and artist currently residing in his hometown of Las Vegas, NV in the United States. He has always created and drawn characters and stories with a spark and life to them since he could remember picking up a pencil. He has wanted nothing more than to create for a living, whether it be for cartoons, comics, fine art, games, movies, shows, etc.

Justin graduated as an honor student from Las Vegas Academy of Visual and Performing Arts, International Studies in Visual Design and Broadcast/Journalism. Since then, he has done work for companies, such as Thought Division, worked with local bands and organizations, has had artwork displayed in galleries, and works on his own projects.

He creates and develops stories, scripts, and storyboards at an efficient rate, making him a valuable asset to any creative team. He also thrives in conceptual designing with speed and creativity as his main advantages. (All of these skills are probably the result of doodling while watching too much Dexter’s Laboratory/Ninja Turtles and reading too many comics.)

Justin is well versed in programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and Flash, script writing programs like Celtx, and office software, as well as being capable of producing works through traditional mediums, such as watercolor and ink. He is also very capable of learning and being trained to use familiar and new software at an efficient rate.

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