Massimo Bordonaro

Los Angeles, California

About Me

I'm a Cinematographer, Steadicam and Camera Op looking for work. Basically, I'm a Badass F'ing Sorcerer of divine creativity, releasing visual mind candy on society.

My workflow: great communication, block out the scene, light it, rehearse actor and camera movement, then shoot what you need to tell the story, and get coverage/inserts.

My experience since 1994:
A. As a Cinematographer: I believe the narrative/script is key, and drives camera placement and movement. I’m influenced by:
1. smooth camera movement and framing (Spielberg, epic movie wide angle shots). 90% of the time I’m on a slider or dolly.
2. low angle, steadicam and off axis camera shots (Spike Lee style).
3. stylized, picturesque lighting (Kaminski style, sun/moon through windows, hard hair and backlights for seperation).
4. contrasty/dynamic lighting, get it right IN camera to make it easier for the editor in post (Godfather 1&2 cinematographer Gordon Willis style).

B. As a Steadicam & Camera Op: I trained with Dan Ikeda at Steadicam, and grew up observing the camera crews on ER and West Wing. Spent the last 2 decades perfecting hand-eye connection to fascilate smooth camera movement.

My IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4861256

On Steadicam, I can fly ANY camera including Arri, RED, Sony, 3D rig, and anything up to 72 lbs.

A sample of my work:
Steadicam & Camera Operator: “Lucha Underground” (over 50 episodes & counting) on the El Rey Network.
Alley Fight Sequence Opening Titles:

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I have been in the industry since 1994.

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