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Paul Marquissee’s love affair with music began at an early age. After seeing his first orchestral concert on local television he started to beg his parents for violin lessons. When Paul was 8, they finally gave in and he began to study the violin. Finally being able to hold an instrument and actually make music lit a fire in Paul that burns to this day. His love of all forms of music grew along with his skills at playing the violin. Paul’s talents progressed rapidly through high school and soon he was not only making music but writing it as well for the solo violin, string quarter and full orchestra.

After graduating from Homestead High School in Fort Wayne, IN, Paul studied at Ball State University, and majored in Music Technology. The coursework necessary for his degree provided Paul with a thorough knowledge of recording technology, music theory, compositional techniques, and performance opportunities.

During his college days Paul worked for Digital Corps, a group of talented students who were able to practice what they learned in the classroom by performing in real world situations. Paul’s job was to lead a team of four aspiring audio-engineers and both teach and manage them during recording sessions for various promotional videos.

Paul also worked for Ball State’s Central Recording Services and was responsible for recording student and faculty recitals and concerts. His ability to think on his feet and quickly determine when potential technical issues might turn into real problems proved to be invaluable.

Like so many other aspiring musicians, Paul moved to Nashville, Tennessee with his wife to pursue his dream of becoming a recording engineer and arranger in the music industry. So far Nashville has been good to Paul and he has worked with a variety of artists as a mix engineer, composer and arranger.

I have been in the industry since 2008.

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