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Welcome to Liton Agency. We are a full service Artist & Talent agency that aspires to achieve your goals and fulfill your desires. Whatever you have in mind, we are here to listen and make your vision a reality.

When models strut down the runway, visions of perfection, most people only see the result, not the process. The hours of prep and coordination, the talented crew working behind the scenes, the hive of activity buzzing back stageā€¦ these aspects of the presentation go largely unnoticed. But on the other side of the curtain is the engine that drives the machine. Watching from the wings and fueling that machine is Liton Agency.

At its heart, Fashion is about the mechanics of creativity, talent and energy. It is the power of illusion and the sometimes illusive ability to captivate. A constant flow of ideas. But it also about people power, connecting the "right" dots, and motivating a cohesive team in a positive direction.

Keeps things running on all cylinders, Liton Agency addresses a client's core needs to execute their vision. Quality models are usually at the top of their list, but capable support staff is often required as well. The support staff is essentially the apparatus that holds the whole structure together.

To truly make an event "eventful," you need to create and cultivate the environment. Make Up Artists (MUA), Hair and Wardrobe stylists, DJs, Live Musicians, Photographers, Videographers, Promotion and Marketing staff all play their part in the spectacle. In a stage production, they are the "moving" pieces of the puzzle assembled to make the perfect picture. Once the overall visual aesthetic is achieved, then it's down to workflow, coordination and timing. Providing and managing many of these assets on site is what Liton Agency does best.

Whatever the event, no matter what size or scale, Liton Agency has what you need to make it a memorable one.

We have been in the industry since 2007.

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