David Mattock

London, United Kingdom


About Me

I'm a 3D Artist / Animator / Motion designer that covers a wide range of 3d and 2d skills from 3d modelling animation, character design and animation, motion graphics, stings commercials and general broadcast graphics and have worked for a variety of clients from Cartoon Network, Channel 4, Partizan

Please view my showreel at http://www.davidmattock.co.uk/showreel/

I have a large client base in the UK and some in USA and Canada, I can work for you wherever you are based globally.

I have been in the industry since 2008.

David Mattock - Showreel 3D animation, Motion graphics
Added on 3/9/2013
This is my updated 2012 showreel showing a mix of work including, general 3d modelling and animation, character design and animation, 2d motion graphics for a range of clients. To see this on my site visit: davidmattock.co.uk/showreel/

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