Mike Cooke

New York, New York

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An Atlanta native, Mike was fortunate enough to begin his career as a camera assistant at Turner Broadcasting. His humble beginnings cleaning lenses and hanging lights quickly led to camera operating positions. Turner Broadcasting ranging from notable networks from CNN to Cartoon Network put Mike to work shooting content to match each of their own diverse brands, and it wasn’t long before the opportunity arose to begin his career as a Director of Photography. Turner provided practice in the skills of light, color, and composition, but music videos and commercials crafted Mike’s shooting style. His first feature, God Loves the Fighter, was filmed on location in Trinidad. Its gone on to win Best Feature Film at Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival & The Yellow Robin Award at Curacao International Film Festival. Since its release, Mike has shot for clients and brands all over the world. Upstart interactive software companies and Billboard 100 artists trust Mike to execute their vision, and his story is still being written. Will you be a part of it?

I have been in the industry since 2008.

Director of Photography Reek
Added on 6/18/2015
All of the featured productions at one point reminded me why I love the work that I do. Each one held its unique moment that was above any day rate and made you glad you were making beautiful pictures with talented people. From commercial set to back lot, thank you to everyone who helped make these shoots possible.

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