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I am an editor. What is the role of an editor? I think the role of an editor is being the person who has to piece together an entire story. The editor is given the general idea by the director of the movie and then allowed the freedom to piece together this on of a kind masterpiece. In a way, editing together a movie, documentary or even short film is a piece of art. Being the editor you create your very own style and feel for the film, then have the director come and put in his final say on your piece. Thus leading you to come back and touch up and fix all the minor details you may have missed or thought to be done correctly. Without an editor there would be nothing more then hours upon hours of footage wotted together and viewed by the audience to be very unentertaining. That is why the role of an editor is so vital, he or she is the one who brings the life into the film through there editing decisions. The director is a crucial role within a film, but an editor is just as important. He times the moments within the film, along with music, to play with the audience’s emotions. With bad editing comes a bad movie, but with excellent editing come a flawless masterpiece.

Ryan Morrison Reel
Added on 10/23/2014
My current demo reel.

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