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Space Cake is the design and production company started by Anastacia Spada.

Anastacia Spada is a NYC based set & prop designer who specializes in immersive events and public installations. She has worked on projects with NYC event producers such as Winkel & Balktick, Adam Aleksander Presents, the immersive theater piece "Then She Fell" (Third Rail Projects), as well as Spaeth Design, a company behind NYC's famous and intricate holiday window installations. She also works as a creative director, project manager, and video producer.

Her love of branding and experience design led her to build a photo booth business over the past two years. Anastacia's photo booths are custom designed, full photo sets that are branded for companies who wish to create a unique marketing experience for their customers. With a combination of photography, social interaction, set design, and social media, Anastacia has creates a memorable photo booth experience for companies and their customers.

She also is a video director and animator specializing in small business marketing. Anastacia hopes to make video production accessible to small businesses, who often are dismayed by big production costs and other complications. Her videos are cost effective, quickly produced, and created with marketing goals in mind.

Working in both the digital and physical spheres, Anastacia's design promotes interaction, fun, and exploration. Her love of marketing ensures that her products are not only entertaining, but also send a powerful brand message for her clients.

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