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Energetic, professional, reliable sound mixer, boom operator, foley artist with 20 years in the industry. The 12 channel Sound Devices 664 mixer is the heart of my kit, recording up to 16 individual channels. Sennheiser, lectrosonics, comtek, k-tek, Denecke, Sound Devices gear.

We know it’s crucial to have a crew you can count on. It’s also important to have gear you can rely on and the smarts to get the job done when something does go wrong.
I’ve been working as an audio mixer, boom operator and recordist both locally and internationally. . I have a legacy of happy clients who have enjoyed sharing creative ideas and executing them with expertise. I’m easy to work with and will be as enthusiastic as you are about every production.
Camera support and lighting/post production gear can be included based upon your needs and budget.

- Sound Devices 664 12 channel mixer w/ 16 track digital recorder
- Sound Devices 744t 4 channel digital recorder (24 bit/192k) (on request)
- Sennheiser MKH416 P48 shotgun mic w/ blimp/windscreen/deadcat
- Sennheiser MKH50 P48 Pressure gradient hypercardioid microphone
- Lectrosonics/TRAM/ Sennheiser Wireless mic systems
- 10’ K-Tek Boom pole, internal wiring, blimp/windscreen/deadcat, boom pole holder
- Tentacle timecode sync system
- Denecke Time Code Slate with TC Generator/Jam
- timecode and breakaway cables for Arri Alexa, Red One, Epic, Scarlet
- Sennheiser wireless transmitters + (Brick) for XLR devices & mics and camera hop
- Lectrosonics / Comtek 216 wireless IFB monitoring system
- Petrol PS 602 Mixer/Recorder Bag, VersaFlex audio harness
- (2) Sony MDR-V6 Pro Studio monitor headphone sets
- Sennheiser IE Pro System in ear monitors
- Deadcat windscreen for on-camera shotgun mic
- USB Large Diaphragm Studio condenser microphone
- 8 channel audio mixing board Behringer
- M-Audio Pro Mobile USB Audio/MIDI Interface

Camera & Support:
- Canon 7D HD DSLR
- Tiffen Camera Dolly w/ 20 ft straight track
- Matthews/Libec fluid head tripod
- Teleprompter w/ ipad2 64 GB 3G, beam splitter glass

- Focusing Fresnel lens lighting kit. 3 Fresnel heads + 2 Pro lights.
- 36” Photoflex softbox w/ starlight, 13ft stand, 6ft stand, removable mattes


$400/day for operator 10 hours
$200/day for basic audio kit (3 wireless kits and boom with 2 mics)

$45/day for IFB transmitter plus $30/each for receiver/headset
$35/day for additional wireless mics
$30/day Denecke Time Code Slate
$75/day Camera Dolly (up to 35 lbs)
$75/day Lighting Package

- Food Network
- Rescue 911 Television
- Five Hour Energy / Jim Furyk
- Johnson & Johnson
- Notre Dame Football
- Jacksonville Jaguars
- NBC News - CBS News
- Carlton Fisk Promotions
- JP Morgan Chase Bank
- Chicago Tourism
- Nike
- Jay Leno
- Feature Films
- Muhammad Ali
- CSX Railroads
- MSV SE Asia

Chris Brett

I have been in the industry since 1992.

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