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The artistic journey of Stu Chacon began from an early age where he found himself being the lead singer of a rock band. During the band's six year run, Stu recorded multiple EPs and two full-length albums, and gave him the opportunity to spend time in various recording studios, where his love for sound was born. Stu's artistry is rooted in audio engineering, where he brings his passion and dedication to every project. Whether it's recording on location or in a studio, mixing and editing, or sound design, a high level of professionalism and care is taken for each task, to ensure the highest quality work possible.

Stu is a graduate of the Art Institute of California - Los Angeles, where he receive a bachelor's of science degree in Audio Production. Stu is open to all artistic collaboration, and brings a vast knowledge of audio recording techniques for studio setups, on-set sound, as well as a creative and fresh outlook for music mixing and film/tv post production including sound design, editing, and scoring.

I have been in the industry since 2009.

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