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South Burlington, Vermont

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Throughout my fifteen year career as the Multimedia Specialist at Jager Di Paola Kemp Design I developed a broad, experience-based knowledge of multimedia tools, applications, and devices. The unique studio environment at JDK exposed me to holistic brand building and the collaborative efforts necessary to fulfill that goal. While an MFA in Emergent Media student I managed teams of undergraduates producing projects for clients through the Emergent Media Center (EMC) at Champlain College. My classes in the MFA program included The Emergent Landscape, Digital Storytelling, Experience Design, Play and Participation, Film Appreciation, Game Technology I (Flash ActionScript), Illustration, and Digital Music. I am currently also teaching classes at Champlain College in 2D Animation/Motion Graphics and Stop Motion Animation to Graphic Design and Digital Film students, as well as four different classes in the MFA in Emergent Media Program.

A Line in Motion Stays in Motion
Added on 4/2/2013
The animation I submitted as the artistic component for my MFA in Emergent Media at Champlain College. "A Line in Motion Stays in Motion" is the story of life. From infancy through adolescence and adulthood, the energies of life are built and grow until they are ready to be shared with the next generation. This animation is a combination of illustration, animation, and music composition into originally conceived and executed time-based media as an exploration regarding the line in storytelling. I have used Adobe Illustrator and advanced Adobe After Effects to accomplish the visual component. The audio soundtrack has been composed in Apple Logic Pro, using loops and samples from both Logic and Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate.

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