Ben Lindesmith

Austin, Texas


About Me

Full time DP, videographer, editor, motion graphics designer and freelance director / writer, with over 20+ years of experience. Living the dream in Austin, TX.

Proficient with Canon, Blackmagic, RED, Panasonic, DJI pro cameras and Cine glass.

My personal rig (check for updated equipment):
Cameras: Panasonic EVA1 (with RAW Atomos recording) , Panasonic GH5S (x2)
Lenses: Sigma Cine 18 - 35mm (x2), Rokinon Cine 8mm, 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm macro, Canon 24mm - 85mm, 80mm - 200mm
Audio: 6 channel field recorder, two boom mics, three wireless lav mics
Lighting: 6 point RGB LED light kit (automated), reflectors, etc
Support: Multiple gimbals, cranes (x2), shoulder mount, 36 ft dolly, etc

View more of my work at:

I have been in the industry since 2003.

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Director, Camera Op – Before & After
September, 2022 — current
Music Video – Circe
Director of Photography – The Negotiators
July, 2022 — current
Television – Reveel TV
Writer – Erin Makes A Show Show Show
January, 2022 — current
Television –
Showrunner, Director – Simon's Safariii
February, 2021 — current
Television –
Director, DP – Psycho Bastardo Show
December, 2017 — December, 2019
Television –
Director – Tea Party Fun Time
December, 2013 — December, 2014
Television –
Director, Writer – Welcome to the Ranchero
July, 2012 — February, 2014
Television –
Editor, Camera Op – Rolling Stoned
December, 2009 — December, 2010
Feature –
Director, DP – Bad Vibrations
Music Video – Holy Death Trio
Director, DP – White Betty
Music Video – Holy Death Trio
Director, DP – Don't Let Go
Music Video – Jessekill
Director, DP – Rush
Music Video – Circe
Director, DP – Dinosaur
Music Video – Circe
Director, DP – Wes Paul Live
Live Event – Wes Paul
Director, DP – Night Light
Music Video – CIrce
Director, DP – Magical Mystics
Music Video – Dirty Little Betty's
Director, Writer – Package
Short Film –
Director, DP – Please
Music Video – Genuine Hick
Director, DP – Sisyphus
Music Video – Pid Gin
Director, DP – Candy Bar
Music Video – Big Dumb Buildings
Director, DP – She Is Who You I Say Is This
Music Video – Zebre
Director, DP – Oh Blue
Music Video – Zebre
Director, DP – Generation Blues
Music Video – Psychotic Reaction
Director of Photography – Bicycling in the Pitch Dark
Music Video – Ghost of Monkshood
Director, DP – Live at the UC
Live Event – Ghost of Monkshood
Director – Strings
Music Video – Zebre
Director, DP – Too Much Sun
Music Video – Syloken
Director, DP – Knuckles
Music Video – Traindodge
Director, DP – Continuous Days
Music Video – Therogy
Director, DP – Blink
Music Video – Therogy

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