Jordan Loscalzo

Tarpon Springs, Florida


About Me

Personal Artist Statement:

I am a filmmaker and director who strives to turn the surreal into real with the power of digital film. Movies have always played an important role in my life as an escape from life’s dull reality. This always kept my mind busy with stories of my own which pen and paper could not give justice to. All I think about day and night are stories, scenes, sequences, and effects. How to film this and that, how to achieve this and do this effect, to the point where it becomes so overwhelming, I feel like I am being pushed to the edge of insanity.

My films are exaggerated performances that portray the purest essence of human emotion, to its core, in a dark surreal nature. I enjoy toying with the fine line of light and darkness and I feed off the power and the true beauty of the misunderstood. I have a visual style of my own which compliments the style of the whimsical film director, Tim Burton, who has been a great influence as well as a personal hero.

The inspiration for my films strikes like a bolt of lightning at the most random of times and comes from a variety of sources. Music, for one, has always been a big inspiration for my stories and ideas. As I listen to songs that portray deep emotion, the images come to my mind that I believe best describes that feeling. From these images I create a narrative. Once established, I begin the process of putting these ideas and stories in a form to show others the dark and yet tantalizing things I see in my head through script and storyboard. I spare no detail when replicating these images to get as close as possible to how they appear in my mind. Seeing the finished product of those pictures that once flashed in my head to flashing before my eyes on a big screen is its own reward, that makes me strive to always out due myself and to continue to push the boundaries of reality with my films with surreality.

This is my profession, not my hobby. I create content that drives my audience to their breaking point emotionally with true beauty that will always be perceived as art and will leave a lasting impression in my viewers’, audiences’, and clients’ memory.

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