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Delmar, Maryland

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I’m a film school graduate ready to work in this media industry with vigor and commitment. Throughout my experience at Full Sail University, and the many media related jobs I’ve held, I have been looking for the opportunity to get out into the field and use the skills I have obtained to better a production or company and grow

As a student from Full Sail University and working on reality shows, new productions, game shows, local and independent films, I can offer this industry my skills and knowledge about the film and television production process. My experience has prepared me for multiple challenges in communicating with diversified groups, organizing and preparing papers in a timely manner, working with talent, operating computer programs such as Microsoft Office (2008), Adobe Photoshop CS5, Dreamweaver, Final cut pro, Avid Nitris, Avid Ds, Excel and Acrobat. I am capable of using cameras, audio equipment, and basic office machines such as Xerox, printers & fax machines. I am also capable of being an asset to the labor side of the production as I have worked with everything from c-stands & stingers to dollies and gibs. I have a vast knowledge of grip, lighting gear and video equipment

I am passionate, innovative, and a self-starter who has in recent times started her own freelance business where I learned to not only to manage time, multiple projects, paperwork and finances but work with people on all types of professional levels. I am interested in continuing to pursue a career in the media industry in anyway I can. My knowledge of what a goes into the production of film and digital media will allow me to be a beneficial asset to any production. I strive to bring success to every project I work on and I am very receptive to teaching and feedback so that I can also strive to further my career.

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