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Filmmaking is in our blood. It’s what we’ve been doing all our lives. With four cinematographers and two full time editors, Threaded Films has become a premier boutique studio in California. Our goal – above all else – is to serve the story, whatever it may be.

We believe that everybody has a story; threaded together by the people, places and moments unique to only them. It’s with this understanding that we tell your story. Made-to-measure, cut from a design drafted from scratch. No templates or preconceived notions. This is your story and it should fit just right.

Menchie's IFA Bio Film
Added on 4/17/2013

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt is all about the experience. Sure, they offer frozen yogurt, but their business model and culture runs much deeper than that. With this piece, we wanted to portray a visual…

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