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Los Angeles, California

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I consider myself a writer/director and desire to focus on feature-length film-making, but I also enjoy every aspect of video and film, from grading footage to monitoring audio to framing shots for that perfect effect, I am passionate about using video and film to tell the best story possible. I truly believe that to show someone any kind of video is to frame their world by showing them a perspective and shaping their point of view in a small way. Moving images are very effective in moving people toward products, beliefs, emotions, and action, and I want to be involved in moving people toward the right products, right beliefs, right emotions, and the right actions. I take ownership of every project I work own and I do nothing halfway. I put my whole heart in to all I do, because that is the only way I know to get something done right, and that is why I believe I will the best fit in any video production setting.

Blazewalker Pictures Reel
Added on 3/22/2017
A compilation of our recent work.

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