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With over 100 action sequences under his belt—from fist fights to car chases—Director and Action Design expert Lawrence Ribeiro is an international man of action.

In 2017, his film “The Chase” won 8 Best Action and Cinematography Awards. Originally conceived as a camera test for JVC, it exemplifies what can be done through raw stunt work, camera movement, locations, sound, and the editing of extraordinaire Rick Pearson (The Bourne Supremacy). Adforum cited, "Lawrence’s personal style combines art with grit."

For the past 3 years Lawrence has moved all over the world—from Shanghai to Milan to Istanbul. Finger on the pulse, he’s fluent with cultures, location design, filming techniques, and advertising creative.

Now as a consultant to a major Silicon Valley company, he’s designing a Formula 1 driving program for next generation drivers. And in seminars at Art Center College for Design and Film Independent, he teaches: How to maximize action on screen. How to cut costs in the creative process. And, how to be safe on set.

Adforum states, "Lawrence's mission is to educate clients, agencies and production companies about how a combination of the right team and the right techniques can result in genuinely thrilling content that doesn’t cost a fortune.”

In 2019, you can look forward to his bold collaboration with Hollywood VFX legend Doug Trumbull (2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner)—an experience that will set the bar for what can be done with revolutionary Maji technology. Lawrence is a regular contributor to BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association) and has written for MovieMaker and Filmmaker magazines. He serves as a finalist judge for the Emmy Awards and the Venice Television Awards. His new book, ACTION REALISM: The Art of Action, will released in late 2018.

Added on 11/19/2018

Rush Hour is about to take on a new meaning. Two cars race on the streets and freeways of Los Angeles, unleashed. A pure chase of muscle and speed. No CG. No rules. No stops. Just high-speed action…

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